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Haas MDC

Generally speaking, you are looking for Setting 143:

Standard Generation Control:

  • Press the SETTNG hard key
  • Page down and look for a setting 143 “MACHINE DATA COLLECT” (settings are not in order, you may have to poke around)
  • If you find the setting and it has ON or OFF next to it, your machine has MDC. Please set this to ON.
  • If you cannot find setting 143, this machine will require our Legacy Connection Kit

NOTE:  If the machine has a color display but no setting 143, you can check with your Haas dealer to see if it can be upgraded for MDC.

Next Generation Control (~9/2016 or newer):

  • Early versions of the Haas NGC have setting 143, usually set to 0. Change this to 5051.
  • If you cannot change the value from 0, your software does not have MDC. You will need to contact your Haas dealer for a software update.

See also: https://www.haascnc.com/service/troubleshooting-and-how-to/how-to/machine-data-collection—ngc.html

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