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Meet the New Faces at Datanomix

Rich Luongo – Director of Customer Success

Why did you choose to join the Datanomix Team?

I wanted to get back into a small company environment, working with a new team that is developing an innovative IoT based product, championed by a seasoned/trusted management team. Datanomix has all of that to offer and more – Allowing me to get back to working hands-on with a great team that is providing a truly valued service to American Manufacturers.

What makes you excited about your upcoming role and working with Datanomix customers?

I am honored to have the opportunity to work as the Director of Customer Success for Datanomix as it will give me the opportunity to ensure the continued success and growth of our customers using our Production Monitoring and Digital Gemba products.

My dad, born in the late 1920’s, was a gifted machinist who worked for years in the services industry. I remember listening to stories about his creativity in solving problems for his customers. This role lets me take all of my experience from the software industry where I have spent many years building a career and pay something forward to manufacturing in America as it experiences a massive resurgence. In a way, it gives me a small connection back to my dad. 

At our company meeting last week, John Joseph talked about the Datanomix brand and what it stands for: Honestly, Integrity, Confidence and Trust in everything we do. All of this translates to great outcomes for the people we work with. Their success is ours. I have always been a people person, focused on building lasting relationships with everyone I come in contact with. I am excited to bring these skills forward to assist our customers every day.

Prior to Datanomix, what were you doing? How can that help you in your current position?

Prior to Datanomix. I was a Senior Manager heading up a 52 person, Cloud Software Development team. On the weekends, I am a lacrosse coach working to develop and prepare young athletes for college recruitment and successful careers. I’ve always had a role on one team or another and see Datanomix as the next step in making a great contribution. 

What is one experience in your career that has helped shape who you are?

While coaching high school athletes, I learned to respect the DES model (Discipline, Execution and Stay with the Program), working through adversity in order to build synergistic teams that can accomplish anything.  This coaching philosophy and team camaraderie in sports has been a cornerstone in my leadership principles for high tech development teams and I will carry it forward to Datanomix.  

Where can we find you on the weekends?  How do you like to spend your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and my 3 children, now all grown-up and living with their significant others.  We enjoy each other’s company and family meals at our home in Milford, NH. Time with them reinforces years of hard work and commitment and those great experiences now reflected back by our kids. The essence of life. 

When not with my family, I can be found on a lacrosse field mentoring, coaching and managing the players on my Seven Hills Lacrosse High School Club Program. A development program I co-founded after coaching high school varsity teams for 12 years at Algonquin H.S.