VIDEO: Embracing Manufacturing Technology to Improve Your Facility and Workflow

A Made in America Podcast with Ari Santiago.

Datanomix’s former CEO , John Joseph, sat down with Ari Santiago, President and CEO of IT Direct to talk about the current state of production intelligence and data analytics in manufacturing, and to offer some recommendations and predictions for the future.

“Data analytics is the future. The sooner you embrace it and run with it, the more successful you’re going to be.”

— John Joseph, Former CEO, Datanomix

Manufacturing organizations stand to gain a lot by embracing analytics. Beyond enabling more informed decision-making for leadership, exposing available data to your entire team unites everyone around the same insights and goals.

It’s time to embrace manufacturing technology! In the video below, learn about the unique connection between data analytics and manufacturing technology!

If you prefer to listen to audio only, check out the podcast:
Made in America with Ari Santiago (featuring John Joseph, CEO of Datanomix)