Meet Nick Tavis at Datanomix

Nick Tavis Joins Datanomix as Data Infrastructure Engineer

Why did you choose to join the Datanomix Team?

Nick at the top of a mountain overlooking Machu Picchu, 2018

After spending the past 2.5 years at a large corporation, I was looking for an opportunity to go back to my IoT roots and work in a role that impacts customer experience. Datanomix provides me with that! I am also proud to be part of a startup that is primed for growth with a game-changing product and a strong company culture.

What makes you excited about your upcoming role and working with Datanomix customers?

At Datanomix I’m looking forward to the opportunity to wear many hats, contributing to multiple aspects of the product and development processes. As a developer working on a small team, I’ll impact the codebase and our customers on a daily basis, an experience I haven’t had in my previous roles. 

Prior to Datanomix, what were you doing? How can that help you in your current position?

My previous role involved designing, developing, and testing a Linux endpoint security product. This experience helped me develop a strong software engineering foundation that I hope to use to help scale the Datanomix product and our development processes—with the end-goal of improving our customer experience and product reliability.

What is one experience in your career that has helped shape who you are?

At my previous job, there was a strong emphasis on testing and CI/CD. This was a main driver in our software development practices, which resulted in very reliable and extensible code. Working in that environment was very impactful and influential for me as it displayed how following basic development strategies can result in a very positive customer experience.

Where can we find you on the weekends?  How do you like to spend your free time?

I’ve always enjoyed traveling to places all over the country and around the world, but due to the pandemic, I haven’t been able to do much of that lately. As the country begins to open up, I’m looking forward to visiting friends and family everywhere.

I’ve also been an avid football fan all of my life. Growing up in Massachusetts and attending the University of Michigan has given me a lifetime of rooting for prestigious football teams. This fandom usually keeps me glued to the TV on weekends during football season.

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