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David Packard Company: Rapid Reports Improve Shop Utilization

Not only does Datanomix’s real-time display of production data solve communication gaps between management and shop floor machinists, but the cycle time records also enable the shop to improve the accuracy of its quotes and completion dates for customers.

Matt Dipietro, president and owner of DPC, sees new tailwinds in the market and is now designing a game plan for growth. One aspect of the plan includes expanding the facility but that is a long-term solution. The near-term solution is to expand its capacity by increasing usage of its current infrastructure. Real-time data processing has paved the path forward for DPC to continue their growth so when they fill their expanded space, they know they’ll be performing up to expected standards and with a production management approach that maximizes efficiency of machines, people and jobs.

“I know we can unlock 20% of additional capacity from our existing base to fill the influx of new business coming in while we put plans in place to expand our facilities. We need to change the way we think about running the business and how we integrate technology into our management philosophy. It’s no longer optional.” — Matt Dipietro, President and Owner, DPC

David Packard Company saw “a combined 15% increase in shop output after implementing the Datanomix software.” Datanomix software replaces 15 different report that Dipietro and his team would run on a weekly basis with a single application. ow, they spend less time assembling data and spend more time assessing the data. Hours of time are recovered by displaying key statistics such as set-up time, tool breakage stats, first part complete times, and exact cycle times. Read the full article from Modern Machine Shop to learn more!

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