Nikel Precision Group Chooses Datanomix and Caron Engineering

After years of searching, Nikel selects data-driven partners that fully understand manufacturing processes

Nikel Precision Group is a comprehensive engineering and contract manufacturing center of excellence headquartered in Saco, Maine The company produces mission-critical components and assemblies for the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, and Medical markets, with its 100 employees focused on delivering high-quality, engineered parts critical to the proper function of complex end products.

The company was focused on finding the right technologies to optimize both their production, and to help offset labor shortages. After evaluating different solutions, Nikel chose Caron Engineering to optimize tool performance and increase part quality, and Datanomix to deliver  deep insights into real-time performance without operator input.  

With Datanomix, Nikel’s machine operators and other personnel are motivated by the Datanomix production scores displayed on smart TVs on the shop floor. Datanomix highlights efficiency gaps in production that allow Nikel to quickly build out a plan to address these gaps and optimize performance. And with the Caron TMAC system, Nickel shortens cycle times, improves part quality, and decreases tool wear.

“On a per-job basis, Datanomix shows me how our jobs stack up against our shop rate, giving us the actual cost per part as well as the potential revenue we can recapture if we optimize our cycle times to be closer to the benchmark. The Quote Calibration report highlights parts that are hitting our marks and where we should focus to improve profitability.” 
— Jamie Bell, Vice President of Operations, Nikel Precision

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Datanomix and Caron Engineering Partner to Deliver Real-Time Performance Intelligence for Precision Manufacturers

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