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VIDEO: Digital GEMBA Helps DFF Automate at Massive Scale

In a video interview with Tony Gunn of MTDCNC at the Eastec show, Dave Gabanelli from DFF Corporation talks about the business impact Datanomix drives at the Agawam, Massachusetts-based precision manufacturer. 

DFF Corporation has experienced massive growth over the past couple of years, more than doubling in size and expanding its workforce to more than 300 people. The only way that DFF has been able to handle this extreme scaling is by embracing automation and technology. Datanomix has been a large part of helping DFF not only manage its increased production but also has been instrumental in helping manage personnel, including scheduling.

Check out this informative interview with Tony and Dave to see how DFF has integrated Datanomix into its operations to increase productivity and profitability.

Key Highlights 

00:27: DFF has doubled to more than 300 people with the help from Datanomix

01:28: How Datanomix lets DFF be proactive with what’s happening on the floor live

02:33: Datanomix starts the day off sooner with scheduling for 300+ people

04:14: What having instant access to key production metrics means to DFF

06:22: How the manufacturing floor addresses issues in real time with Datanomix

08:29: Dave introduces the Digital GEMBA board and what it means to DFF

09:43: Dave introduces the Operational Readiness Board for scheduling at DFF

12:04: Tony asks Dave how quickly Datanomix responds (HINT: It’s Fast!)

Datanomix Digital GEMBA Boards

Your Continuous Improvement Co-Pilot

For Continuous Improvement personnel, a GEMBA Board is used to communicate their efforts with the rest of the factory. The Datanomix Digital GEMBA Board vastly improves on physical GEMBA boards by accelerating mission-critical information directly from ERP systems to smart TVs on the production floor to become your factory communication hub.

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