VIDEO: MTDCNC Technology Review of the Datanomix Continuous Improvement (CI) Hub

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With the newest addition of the Continuous Improvement (CI) Hub to the Datanomix production monitoring platform, factory leadership now has a dashboard to quickly view overall factory health over a selected period of time.

Tony Gunn from MTDCNC breaks it down for you in his technology review. First, he takes you through a quick tour of the CI Hub and then details the key performance metrics: Utilization, Time to First Active, and Cycle Time Achievement. These three measurements give you an indicator of shop performance at a glance.

With the Datanomix CI Hub, you’ll see Top Improvement areas and identify which machines contributed to the most significant performance boosts so you understand which jobs are helping you meet your factory’s goals. These are the jobs that will serve as the blueprints for success. Top Opportunities follow top Improvements. You’ll see which jobs are causing the most issues and identify which ones provide the most significant improvement opportunities and increased profitability. You know exactly where to focus your continuous improvement efforts.

Want to find out exactly why your numbers are where they are? The Datanomix CI Hub lets you dig deeper into the data! Watch the MTDCNC technology review below to learn all about it:

When you invest in a production monitoring system, you want to know your investment is driving efficiency and profitability gains. Datanomix delivers guidance to everyone on the team—the shop floor gets real-time feedback on production to know where to focus, and management can track long-term trends to understand where to invest. And the CI Hub accelerates understanding of overall factory performance.

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