PODCAST: Using Datanomix and Flexxbotics to Monitor and Manage Your Universal Robots

In episode 62 of The Gunn Show, Tony Gunn talks with Greg McHale, Founder of Datanomix, and Tyler Bouchard, CEO/co-founder of Flexxbotics, about monitoring cobots from Universal Robotics and how to enable more effective lights-out operations.

What if we could monitor our robots like we monitor our machines? Yes, automation is the key to addressing the labor shortage, continuing the reshoring initiative, and staying globally competitive, but what if we could make these ideas more than just a theory? Tony Gunn sits with Datanomix and Flexxbotics to learn about their new technology integration.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

  1. Learn more about why digital transformation and automation is needed to help today’s manufacturers manage their factory during a time of labor shortages.
  2. Hear Flexxbotic’s origin story and how they developed their company to deliver more flexibility to Universal Robots.
  3. Find out how both Flexxbotics and Datanomix are connected to Worcester Polytechnic Institute and why there’s a natural fit between the two data-first companies. 
  4. Why all customers are equal in the eyes of Datanomix and how size doesn’t matter when dealing with precision manufacturers. 
  5. How Datonomix provides data automatically that helps factories run more efficiently and profitably.

Check out episode 62 of The Gunn Show presented by MTDNC Around the World below:

“The partnership between Datanomix and Flexxbotics was a natural fit. In addition to sharing several customers, more importantly, we share a common philosophy of delivering advanced functionality through a simple, intuitive user experience that complements manufacturing workflows instead of working against them.”

Tyler Bouchard, CEO and co-founder of Flexxbotics 

Datanomix and Flexxbotics Partner to Automate Production Monitoring for Universal Robots

Datanomix and Flexxbotics have teamed up to deliver an end-to-end, real-time solution to understanding how your Universal Robots are performing, empowering advanced automation and lights-out operations. 

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