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Datanomix Partners With Flexxbotics on Robot Monitoring

Modern Machine Shop helps share the NEWS of our partnership with Flexxbotics!

Datanomix recently announced a partnership with Flexxbotics to extend its Automated Production Intelligence™ coverage to Universal Robot cells, helping power lights out and automated operations at precision manufacturers.

With this initial integration, existing Flexxbotics customers can add Datanomix to their deployments, and similarly, Datanomix customers can add the Flexxbotics management platform to Universal Robot installations. 

Using Flexxbotics’ technology, the Datanomix platform receives performance information and visualizes it alongside the performance data from the CNC machines the robots empower. Check out the Modern Machine Shop article to learn more:

Learn more about our partnership with Flexxbotics:
Datanomix and Flexxbotics Partner to Automate Production Monitoring for Universal Robots

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