VIDEO: Keith Campbell, VP of CADREX in Agawam, MA

VIDEO: Why Real-Time Data is a Huge Differentiator for CADREX.

You need data to execute quickly, and that’s why CADREX (Formerly DFF) invested in Datanomix for all of their high-performing CNC machines.

Other monitoring solutions were giving data the day after. The leadership team couldn’t go out on the floor and see what was causing the problem. Gone are the days of “Monday morning quarterbacking.” Thanks to real-time data from Datanomix, they are actually executing and getting to the machines that need the support of the leadership team or the engineers from a programming perspective.

And CADREX (Formerly DFF) found the Installation of Datanomix to be very easy. CADREX has a completely wireless shop, and they were able to go live almost immediately! Now, Datanomix is seen as not just a vendor but a true partner in their business and growth efforts.

“Our greatest strength is actually driving the implementation, and Datanomix has been a partner that’s helped us realize double top-line growth. Datanomix has helped us not only with data but to grow our business to the next level.”

Check out the MTDCNC Interview with Tony Gunn and hear Keith hit on the following benefits of Datanomix:

  • Real-Time Live Data to address issues immediately
  • Ease of installation
  • A partner that wants to grow with you

“Datanomix has become a partner, they’re not a vendor they’ve grown with us, they’re in our shop. Upon immediate request, they’re here working with our programming team, our engineering team, and our operations team.”

Check out the full interview with Keith Cambell
How Better Data Helped CADREX (Formerly DFF) Double Their Business

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