Production Monitoring

Real-Time Production Intelligence

Datanomix has created the next generation of CNC production monitoring. We call it Automated Production Intelligence™. By automating the collection of data from your CNC machines and combining this with advanced machine learning to analyze the data, Datanomix allows you to deploy your best people to the jobs that need them right now—all without operator input!

Datanomix automatically turns raw machine data into real-time production intelligence, visualizing insights in a number of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards. And with the help of large-screen TVs around the shop that show what’s happening on the floor, your entire team rallies around good production, pushing productivity and profitability to new heights without interrupting your workflows.

Automatically Grab CNC Machine Data

Connecting Datanomix to your CNC machines is easier—and faster—than you think. Machines built since 2002 have built-in ethernet, so Datanomix can connect to a hardwired Ethernet port or use wireless Ethernet to access the rich cache of data today’s CNC machines generate. Older machines can be retrofitted with sensors to deliver in-depth utilization insights. Most installs take only a few hours and we start collecting and analyzing your data immediately.

Benchmarks & Scoring for Every Job

With Datanomix, you only need to run a few parts on the machine to automatically establish a benchmark for what good production looks like for every part. Datanomix understands, analyzes, and visualizes cycle times, utilizations, and throughput for each job you run, and compares the current production to the benchmark using a simple scoring system that grades real-time output from A+ to C-. Everyone on the team knows where to focus their efforts.

Look Up for Production Performance

Data and insights are only useful if everyone is on the same page, rallying the entire factory floor around performance and productivity. Datanomix TV Mode unifies and synchronizes your team by displaying live production KPIs broadcast on smart TVs around your factory. This lets your team “look up” to discuss and address performance challenges as they happen. Your best people naturally flow to the jobs that need them the most right now.

Start Your Morning with Answers

Operations managers tell us they spend 60 – 90 minutes every morning gathering information on what happened the previous day for their morning production meeting. So we created the Coffee Cup Report, an executive summary of yesterday’s production that is emailed to your team every morning at 6AM. Prepare for the day ahead with insights on what happened yesterday—what went well, what didn’t go well­—so you know exactly where you should focus today.

Data-Driven Planning

Datanomix helps you understand the raw capacity and utilization of your factory, or job specific details such as when an order will really be completed based on actual performance. Real-time data is great for live operations, but long-term improvements require understanding trends over time. Datanomix collects, stores, and analyzes all of the data so you understand equipment utilization, in-job performance, and shift statistics to see which teams are on target.

Take the Guesswork Out of Job Quoting

Accurate quoting can be notoriously difficult, causing issues with profitability or reducing the competitiveness of your quotes by adding too much “fudge factor”. The Datanomix Quote Calibration report gives you instant access to true job performance so you can reconcile actual costs against your estimates to find the best opportunities for margin and optimization. Take the guesswork out of your quotes and know how long it takes to reliably produce specific parts.

A Workflow for Continuous Improvement

Our major new reporting workflow is designed to give business leaders and The Datanomix Continuous Improvement Hub (CI Hub) is a reporting workflow designed to give business leaders and continuous improvement personnel insights into overall factory performance, as well as top opportunities for improvement. The CI Hub consolidates key performance indicators for factory health into a single dashboard that allows users to quickly track and validate improvements and identify risks and opportunities to meet factory business goals. 

Alarms, Scheduling, and More!

Right out of the box, Datanomix delivers the reports and visualizations you need to improve across all aspects of your factory’s operations. An Alarms Pareto report shows you the most common alarm codes by machine and time of day, and our Scheduling dashboard shows you the history for each job on each machine and allows you to plan out your schedule based on past results. And Datanomix is always listening for customer feedback to improve the platform.

Datanomix ROI Calculator

Calculate How Much Time Your Factory Can Save with Datanomix

Start Your Morning with the Coffee Cup Report

“In 15 minutes each day, the Coffee Cup Report gives me a complete picture of yesterday’s results without having to walk the floor or counting parts. It’s automatic, with no disruption to operators, and I have the answers I need to run the business.” – Jesse Bunnell, Plant Operations Manager, Eptam Precision

Production Monitoring FAQ’s

  • How does your Fusion Factor scoring system work?

    By running just a few parts, Datanomix creates performance benchmarks for every job you run. Benchmarks are based on your best performance for every part and evolve over time, providing a stretch goal for future runs of that part. The benchmarks are also used to create a production score—from A plus to C minus—for every job.

    Production scores—or Fusion Factor—for every job are displayed on smart TVs on the shop floor. This easy-to-understand score shows your entire team—in real time—which jobs are on track and which jobs need attention. Different shifts know how they are performing in relation to your benchmarks and to other shifts, giving everyone an incentive to achieve.

  • How does your software get the benchmark for cycle time? Does someone need to enter a benchmark for every job?

    This is one of the things that makes us unique—we don’t require operator input for anything. Our software automatically figures out benchmarks for cycle time, parts/hr and utilization just by doing statistical analysis on the data coming from your machines.

  • What’s involved in getting the system setup?

    We typically just need WiFi network information and can take it from there. We plug a device into your CNC machines which sits on the WiFi network and is collecting real-time data.

  • How many users does your licensing include?

    Our pricing is per machine per year, not per user. You can have as many user accounts as you’d like.

  • Can this data integrate with my ERP system?

    It certainly can, although the vast majority of our customers choose to run us as a standalone system because of the value of our information and the quality of our user interface. If you are looking for deeper insights from your ERP system, you should consider our Digital GEMBA Board 🙂

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