Datanomix ROI Calculator

Calculate How Much Time Your Factory Can Save with Datanomix

Every week your team is wasting time chasing production data and making sense of it for analytics and reporting results. Our ROI calculator, and we’ll show you the short time it takes for a return on your Datanomix investment and the potential revenue opportunity from using the platform. Start with the # of machines in your facility and your average shop rate. Then complete the form for a full ROI report when you implement Datanomix in your facility.

# Machines

Shop Rate

Time Wasted Per Week

The amount of time that your full time staff of XX employees are spending on chasing people, paper and parts.



Cost per week

Time Savings with Datanomix Each Week

With the Datanomix Platform, you could be unlocking crucial time to focus on new revenue generating opportunities for your business.



Cost Savings per week

See the return on your investment

Not only will you unlock hours spent on chasing data across your entire team, you’ll find that the platform pays for itself in just a few weeks!


Complete the form to get the full report and to unlock your potential annualized revenue opportunity.