VIDEO: Broadcast Production Performance with Datanomix TV Mode

Data and insights are only useful if everyone is on the same page, rallying the entire factory around performance and productivity.

With Datanomix TV Mode, you can display real-time performance scores on smart TVs in every manufacturing cell. This lets you address performance challenges as they happen. When everyone is on the same page at the same time, good things happen.

TV Mode real-time visibility is critical to helping us stay on track to meet our customer’s production schedules and address issues immediately.

— Aaron Springer, Vice President, Thomas W. Springer

“In the shop, we have two giant TV’s that are always running Datanomix’s TV Mode. One is on the production floor, and the other is in the shipping area. It lets us see from anywhere in the building exactly how jobs are doing.”

—James Langlois & Wayne Langlois, J&W Swiss Machine

“After the first week of the (Datanomix TV Mode) monitors being live on our shop floor, we saw immediate improvement in our output and our grading because Datanomix created a meritocracy amongst our people.“

— Keith Campbell, Vice President, DFF Corp

It’s Time to Expect More from Production Monitoring

With next-generation production monitoring from Datanomix, our customer experience increases for their business across the board. In fact, in an analysis of our top customers, overall Factory improvement increased by 33.5% after installing Datanomix TV mode on their factory floor. That means your machines are running one-third more of the time, cranking out more parts, and making more money for your factory.

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