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TW Springer Finds Datanomix is a Perfect Fit

Family-owned precision manufacturer optimizes performance with advanced analytics and automation.

Thomas W. Springer, Inc. is a precision manufacturer located in a 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Landenberg, PA. A family-run operation founded by Thomas Springer in 1976, the company specializes in precision machining of small components in lot sizes from one to 80,000 for both US and International customers mostly in the electronics, medical, and military industries.

TW Springer was challenged with finding the right production monitoring solution to help make better decisions around production and capital. They chose the Datanomix platform for automated production intelligence with no operator input and connected seven Tsugami machines, focusing on the screw machines that run unattended. After installing two smart TVs on the shop floor to engage the entire team with real-time performance scoring, they saw significant results!

“Unattended operation is where we’re going with the technology. There’s just not that many people looking for jobs in manufacturing these days. The more we can automate our processes, the better. We can deliver more productivity with the same number of people, and our focus on technology helps with recruitment.” —Aaron Springer, Vice President, TW Springer

The factory was able to Identify bottlenecks in machine setup, leading to the decision to hire another setup person to help optimize production. By understanding real machine utilization, they now make better decisions on when to purchase new equipment. And leveraging real-time visibility into production helps everyone stay on track to meet their customers’ production schedules.

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