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THINK PIECE: The Fatal Flaws of First-Generation Monitoring Systems

One way to fire up our CTO and co-founder, Greg McHale, is to get him talking about the limitations of first-generation production monitoring systems.

Check out Greg’s think piece that outlines the four major flaws in first-generation monitoring and how you can break free from mediocre monitoring—we think you’ll find it informative and entertaining.

Elos Medtech Automates Data Collection to Improve Operations and Expose Trends

Tim Martin, engineering manager at the Elos facility in Memphis, is a strong believer in analytics to help understand and improve operations, and he was looking for a way to collect data for monitoring machine performance automatically. At the time, all the data was collected by hand and according to Tim, “We relied on our operators to give us their numbers, and it wasn’t always completely accurate. We always want to be as accurate as possible.”

Feel Let Down by Your Monitoring System? It’s Time for an Upgrade

There are a lot of reasons manufacturers don’t understand the potential of modern machine monitoring. Greg McHale boils it down to the most common answers, and how negative experiences have set expectations for the entire industry. 

VIDEO: Mike Payne, President/Owner of Hill Manufacturing is Proactive with Datanomix

President/Owner of Hill Manufacturing & Fabrication, candidly shares why he chose Datanomix to make better business decisions.

M&H Engineering Empowers a Multicultural Workforce with Datanomix

M&H is in the midst of a multi-year program to evolve the shop, transitioning from a company that started out primarily as a job shop into a high-volume production shop. Central to that effort is upgrading technology and processes while maintaining the core principles of great manufacturing that M&H has developed over the years. In addition, M&H employs a culturally-diverse workforce, so any new technologies must support effective communication with the many shop personnel where English is a second language.

How Rolar Products Motivates Employees With Datanomix

For Rolar Products, the employees are the heart and soul of the business. And as the leader of a technology-focused precision manufacturer, Jack Russell understands that technology is only useful when it helps your people perform better without the “big brother” factor. Rolar is using Datanomix to not only deliver better insights in real-time but is doing it in a way that fosters communication and a culture of innovation.

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