Founded in 2016 in New Hampshire, Datanomix offers automated production intelligence for precision manufacturers. When we started Datanomix, we met with dozens of manufacturers who were trying to use data from their equipment to optimize operations. Not one company was getting what they wanted out of their existing monitoring systems—information was either too complicated and cumbersome, or too simple and not insightful. To add insult to injury, the user interfaces on those systems made it look like those companies just didn’t understand manufacturers.

Based on their input, we built a system that was designed with a few key principles:

  • The system would require no human input for the data to be useful
  • The information provided by the system would be actionable right now
  • The system should be a “member” of your team, capable of providing answers and insights in the way you think about your business

Datanomix understands your factory and jobs exactly as you do. Production is described in simple terms anyone can understand. Insights take seconds to evaluate, not hours. Operators have no additional burden placed on them for the data to be useful. Just the right information to the right people at the right time.

Customers are Winning with Datanomix

Meet Our Leadership Team

John Joseph

CEO and Co-Founder

John Joseph, a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Clark University, is the CEO and co-founder of Datanomix, a software company empowering precision manufacturers to transform their business through data. John has an established track record of commercializing technology, having held leadership roles at several startups and their acquirers, including the successful acquisition of Equallogic by Dell. At Datanomix, John is helping build an agile team that is using machine learning and advanced analytics to automate the delivery of deep insights directly from CNC machine data, all without any operator input.

Greg McHale

CTO and Co-Founder

Greg founded Datanomix on the premise that the 4th industrial revolution would require turnkey products that integrate seamlessly with how manufacturers work today. He brings enterprise data skills to a market ripe for innovation. Greg has held engineering leadership positions at several venture-backed companies and is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Lisa Saunders

Director of Marketing Communications

Lisa is a creative data-driven marketing leader who believes in a strong collaboration between sales and marketing. She’s a professional multimedia graphic designer and digital expert who has built award-winning demand generation campaigns and online experiences. She has an extensive background in conceptualizing and organizing virtual and in-person events across various industries, including electric transportation, robotics, nonprofit software, and high-end consumer goods.

Chuck Smith

Director of Product Marketing

Chuck is a strategic start-up marketer with a strong background in content development. He’s worked across a number of industries, including software quality, service assurance, data and analytics, networking, AI and machine learning, wireless electricity, and now, manufacturing. He has a passion for learning new technologies and connecting with customers to understand how technology helps transform their business.

Nate Palmer

Director of Product Engineering

A wicked good bio is coming soon!

Ryan Comstock

Director of Finance

Ryan is an operational finance veteran who brings a passion for business modeling and analytics that drive and align financial and go-to-market goals. He honed this skillset from his time at previous technology/healthcare startups whose rapid growth each led to $500M+ acquisitions by Oracle and Amazon.  Ryan brings a deep comprehension of B2B and B2C SaaS-based business models and metrics to which he applies a knack for expressing data in easily understood and actionable ways.

Want to join our team?

Is being a start-up person part of your DNA? Does it motivate you knowing a feature you delivered or a demo you conducted literally changed someone’s day? Are you ready to help deliver next generation technology to a hungry customer base? Then you might be a great fit for our team!

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