When we started Datanomix, we met with several manufacturers who were trying to use data from their equipment to optimize operations. Not one company was getting what they wanted out of their existing data systems – the information was either too complicated and cumbersome, or too simple and not insightful. To add insult to injury, the user interfaces on those systems made it look like those companies just didn’t care about their customers.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with manufacturing companies just like yours, we built a system that was designed with a few key principles:

  • The system would require no human input for the data to be useful
  • The information provided by the system would be actionable right now
  • The system should be thought of as a member of your team, capable of providing answers and insights in the way you think about your business

From this amazing collaboration process, Datanomix Fusion was born. The industry’s first production monitoring system that understands your jobs and your factory exactly the way you’d want it to. Production is described in simple terms anyone can understand. Insights take seconds to evaluate, not hours. Operators have no additional burden placed on them for the data to be useful. 

Datanomix Fusion is a solution that truly understands the complexities and constraints of modern manufacturing environments. We are the pulse of the modern day factory, and the framework for managing it. Fusion is what you’ve been waiting for.

Leadership Team

John Joseph

John Joseph

CEO and Co-Founder

John has an established track record of commercializing technology for diverse markets. Having held executive leadership roles at several startups and their acquirers, John has taken companies and organizations from stealth to billions in enterprise value – most notably with the acquisition of Equallogic by Dell. John is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Clark University.

Greg McHale

Greg McHale

CTO and Co-Founder

Greg founded Datanomix on the premise that the 4th industrial revolution would require turnkey products that integrate seamlessly with how manufacturers work today. He brings enterprise data skills to a market ripe for innovation. Greg has held engineering leadership positions at several venture-backed companies and is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Key Investors

Argon Ventures

Argon is a pre-seed venture fund, leading investments in Intelligent Industry Solutions.

Argon is built from an extraordinary partnership spanning over 15 years. We’re operators, innovators and problem solvers.

York IE

Entrepreneurs wear many hats. It’s time an investment firm did the same.

Our mission is to work closely with entrepreneurs, operators and investors to help them realize their shared ambition to build good companies, create new jobs, grow generational wealth and impact the world.

Wasabi Ventures

Wasabi Ventures is a venture capital, incubator, and consulting firm that specializes in building and advising early stage technology companies. In the last ten years, Wasabi Ventures has built, financed, and advised over 200 start-ups. In his 25 years of start-up activity, he has been a part of over 1,500 rounds of financing as an investor, founder, or adviser.

Millworks Fund

Millworks Fund Series II (Millworks II) is an investment fund committed to strengthening New Hampshire’s startup community and attracting additional investment dollars to New Hampshire.

Alumni Ventures Group

Alumni Ventures Group (AVG) is a different type of venture capital firm. Designed from scratch to meet the needs of the individual accredited investor, AVG provides smart, simple venture portfolios with community. In just a few years, according to PitchBook, AVG has become one of the most active VC firms in the world (League Tables, 2019).

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