Who We Are

Datanomix is the leader in Real-Time Automated Production Monitoring for Industrial Manufacturers

Datanomix was founded in 2017 to help precision manufacturers optimize their production performance by providing out-of-the-box reports and workflows with No Operator Input™ required.

Based in New Hampshire, our core products include our flagship Production Monitoring system, along with Digital GEMBA Boards, and Condition Monitoring systems. We are proud to work with top-tier partners to deliver best-in-breed solutions to our customers.


We met with hundreds of manufacturers to understand what they needed to operate their shop floors more efficiently. The #1 answer was accurate and timely information to help them see where they needed to focus resources to maximize revenue and profitability. So we built it for them.

Datanomix software follows a few key principles:

  • No Operator Input™ would be required for the data to be useful
  • Show what needs to be done right now
  • Use technology to get the right information to the right people quickly
  • Fit into the way manufacturers already work, supporting their existing processes
  • Store, track, and trend data over time for more in-depth analysis

We built Datanomix software to be a valued member of your team, capable of providing answers and insights into what needs to be done to help your business thrive.

Datanomix Benefits Every Shop Type—Across Any Industry

Datanomix has helped hundreds of shops in all shapes and sizes achieve their revenue and profit goals.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Greg McHale

Founder & CEO

Greg founded Datanomix on the premise that the 4th industrial revolution would require turnkey products that integrate seamlessly with how manufacturers work today—not clunky workflows that depend on human input or complex data extraction. He brings enterprise data skills to a market ripe for innovation. Greg has held engineering leadership positions at several venture-backed companies and is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Scott Mellett

Vice President of Sales

Scott is a seasoned Global Executive Sales Leader harnessing over two decades of experience in the industrial manufacturing and public sectors. His expertise lies in dynamic team leadership, growth-centric strategic planning, and robust relationship management. He’s passionate about propelling revenue growth, driving transformative change, and elevating organizations to new heights, and he thrives on unlocking potential and delivering results. Scott has BBA from the University of Miami School of Business and an MBA in International Business from the Darla More School of Business.

Dexter Johnson

Vice President of Finance

Dexter brings over 20 years of experience in Finance, HR, Facilities Management, and Operations. He has an extensive record of implementing new systems and controls, and mentoring staff for fast growth in both public and private companies. Dexter’s effective and efficient communication style helps teams create operational efficiencies—making the finance department the organization’s cornerstone to drive process improvement and build strong relationships across departments for long-term success and company growth.

Annie Michaud

Vice President of Customer Success

Annie is an experienced leader with a track record of achieving results across customer success and onboarding. She has a background in scaling teams to match fast growth through process, system and team development. She is passionate about partnering with customers to achieve their business goals and maximize value. She received her B.A in Mathematics and Economics from Boston College.

Nate Palmer

Engineering Director

Nate Palmer is a leader in software engineering with a strong background in data services, analytics, and cloud storage for enterprise technology service providers. As the Technical Lead at Dell, he managed a team of developers focused on the SANHQ project— a monitoring solution for the Dell EqualLogic storage platform. And at Nasuni, he held a principal software developer role before transitioning to Manager of the Platform and Operating System Team. Nate graduated from UMass Lowell with a Masters in Computer Science.

Lisa Murphy (Saunders)

Director of Marketing Communications & Operations

Lisa is a data-driven marketing leader, kick-ass creative multi-media graphic designer, and digital expert who believes in a strong collaboration between sales and marketing. She repeatedly builds successful demand-generation campaigns and online experiences with an extensive background in conceptualizing and organizing virtual and in-person events. She’s an expert in marketing and sales automation by leveraging technology platforms to optimize operations and workflows. Lisa is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University.

Barbara Shea

Director of Content Marketing

Barbara is a global professional with extensive experience in creating marketing initiatives that drive results for hi-tech companies across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, robotics, automotive, energy, and telecommunications. She is a passionate customer advocate and brand ambassador and enjoys creating engaging content to support sales enablement, partner marketing, and demand generation. Barbara has a BA in Communications from the State University of New York at Albany.

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