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Datanomix is developing a world-class ecosystem of best-in-breed resellers and technology partners to deliver value-added insights and services to manufacturers.

Our Partner Program

Today’s manufacturers lean heavily into advanced technologies and digital transformation. And they demand an integrated solution that delivers a rich visual experience around real-time job performance, predictive machine parameters, and cutting tool behavior over time. When you partner with Datanomix, you are working with the industry’s only Automated Production Intelligence™ solution, offering actionable insights for day-to-day operations in real-time and overall factory trends over time. Find out how you can partner with Datanomix below.

Resellers & Integrators

Our network of resellers and systems integrators allows Datanomix to extend our reach to forward-thinking precision manufacturers across North America and beyond. Successful Datanomix resellers are focused on helping their customers improve productivity and increase profitability, and integrators have an additional revenue opportunity by installing Datanomix.

If you would like to add the industry’s only next-generation production monitoring platform to your catalog, or become a certified installation partner, apply today.

Technology Alliances

By partnering with leading solution providers in the manufacturing space, Datanomix delivers even more advanced functionality to our combined customers. The Datanomix platform serves as a factory’s data engine, and additional data sources from our partners offer enhanced insights not available with any other production monitoring solution.

If you are working with precision manufacturers and want to deliver additional value and insights to your customers, please get in touch with us using the form below.

Approved Partners

“There is a symbiotic fit between the tooling expertise at Caron and the data science capabilities at Datanomix. This partnership lets us offer our installed base of thousands of customers worldwide an analytics and intelligence solution that spans from the cutting tools and machine health all the way to the executive suite. Data is at the heart of Caron’s strategy, and with Datanomix, we will be able to leverage our combined data into actionable insights that will help transform manufacturing at a practical level.”

— Rob Caron, founder and president of Caron Engineering

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