Production Monitoring

Your Daily Action Plan

Understand true job performance with just a simple connection to your machines.

Key metrics are put into a meaningful benchmarks and scores, and broadcast for all to see. Turnkey reports and viewing modes bring it all together into a simple to consume experience.

Benchmark Every Job, Know Every Score

Fusion automatically establishes a benchmark of good production using only the data from your machines (no human input required!). The benchmark understands typical cycle times, utilizations, and throughput for each job you run, and holds you to that standard of performance with a simple scoring system so you know where and how to focus your efforts.

Broadcast Performance For All To See

Once you “know the score” it’s time to rally everyone around performance and productivity. TV Mode allows you to setup per cell broadcasts that automatically rotate through all jobs and scores, so performance is known and challenges can be discussed at all times.

Start Your Morning Armed with Answers

Morning reports delivered to your inbox at 6AM get you ready for the day ahead. What happened yesterday, what went well, what didn’t go well, and where do you want the team to focus today?

Plan Operations with Data

Fusion helps you understand the raw capacity and utilization of your factory, or job specific details such as when an order will really be done based on actual performance.

Take the Guesswork Out of Job Costing

Take the guesswork out of your quotes and know how long it reliably takes you to produce specific part #’s. Our Quote Calibration reports give you instant access to your true job performance so you can reconcile that against your estimates and find the best opportunities for margin and optimization.

Datanomix ROI Calculator

What’s the Value of Datanomix in Your Shop?

The morning always starts with the Coffee Cup Report.

“In 15 minutes each day, the Coffee Cup Report gives me a complete picture of yesterday’s results without having to walk the floor or counting parts. It’s automatic, with no disruption to operators, and I have the answers I need to run the business.”

– Jesse Bunnell, Senior Group Leader, Eptam Precision

Production Monitoring FAQ’s

  • How does your Fusion Factor scoring system work?

    Since our software creates benchmarks for every job you run around cycle time, parts/hr, and utilization, it creates an expectation of performance for how many parts you should be making when the job is running. It automatically takes into account common scenarios such as multiple jobs in a shift, rotating operations, jobs that end partway through a shift, etc.

    The software is then scoring you in real-time based on what % of that expected performance you have achieved using the “classic” grade school method of scoring. So if you are achieving at >= 98% of expected performance, that’s an A+, >= 93% is an A, >= 90% is an A-, and so on.

  • How does your software get the benchmark for cycle time? Does someone need to enter a benchmark for every job?

    This is one of the things that makes us unique – we don’t require operator input for anything. Our software automatically figures out benchmarks for cycle time, parts/hr and utilization just by doing statistical analysis on the data coming from your machines.

  • What’s involved in getting the system setup?

    We typically just need WiFi network information and can take it from there. We plug a device into your CNC machines which sits on the WiFi network and is collecting real-time data.

  • How many users does your licensing include?

    Our pricing is per machine per year, not per user. You can have as many user accounts as you’d like.

  • Can this data integrate with my ERP system?

    It certainly can, although the vast majority of our customers choose to run us as a standalone system because of the value of our information and the quality of our user interface. If you are looking for deeper insights from your ERP system, you should consider our Digital Gemba Board 🙂

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