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Manufacturing is tough. To turn a profit, your machines and people need to work at peak efficiency at all times. But getting the information you need to analyze workflows, efficiency, and job costs can be difficult which means the insights you need to transform your business with data is often out of reach.

Now you can close the production insights gap with Datanomix.

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Why Datanomix?

Datanomix is an automated production intelligence platform that delivers real-time insights for manufacturers who want to transform their business with data. Simply connect your CNC machines and Datanomix automatically analyzes all of the data—without operator input—and creates accurate real-time performance benchmarks and trend reports that answer common questions in seconds. Datanomix helps your entire team – management, supervisors, operators, and estimators—understand what’s happening on the floor in real-time so you can make adjustments on the fly, and provides the data needed to understand long-term trends to make better-informed decisions around quoting, costing, and planning.

Customers Are Winning With Datanomix

Our Solutions

So what’s the solution for cutting-edge manufacturers who want to supercharge their business with data and analytics?

Production Monitoring

Real-time data to drive factory efficiency

Factory and job performance insights that require only a connection to your machine…no burden on your operators. Real-time and over-time understanding of cycle times, utilization, and throughput via Fusion’s intuitive benchmarking and scoring system.

Condition Detection

Digital GEMBA Boards

Stop chasing paper, start sharing results

Fully automated GEMBA boards with up-to-the-second status on factory KPI’s. Click-and-drill into any metric, any job, any customer, any time. Simply connect up to your existing ERP system, and mobilize your Continuous Improvement efforts.

Condition Detection

Keep your equipment humming

Whether for maintenance, tuning or calibration, Fusion seamlessly integrates any sensor into the monitoring platform. Set thresholds and alerts so you can be notified in real-time when conditions require attention.

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