Get Visibility into Your Production Performance

See exactly where you need to focus

Datanomix Production Monitoring software gives you visibility into the root cause of issues and prescriptive guidance on how to fix them. Real-time and historical insights show your entire team where they need to focus NOW to meet your delivery and profitability goals.

Don’t settle for just data. Knowing what to do with the data is what drives change and helps you make more – more for less, more revenue, more profit, and more progress.


Datanomix Releases Delivery Track to Help Manufacturers Answer the Age-Old Question “When Will That Job Be Done?”

Make More with Datanomix

Make More

Increases Uptime & Boosts Revenue Per Machine

The Datanomix Difference:
The average customer sees an additional hour per day per machine.

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Optimizes Cycle Times (Cutting & Touch Times)

The Datanomix Difference:
Get automated time studies for every part, on every machine, every day.

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Supports All Your Continuous Improvement Initiatives

The Datanomix Difference:
Out-of-the-box reports show you exact improvement opportunities.

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Drive Down COGS & Increase Margins

The Datanomix Difference:
OEM customers optimize OEE, minimize tooling costs, and improve production performance.

Easy to install.
Easy to understand.
Easy to use.

The best presentation of shop floor data in the industry.

—Jack Russell, Owner, Rolar Products

Datanomix Benefits Every Shop Type—Across Any Industry

Datanomix has helped hundreds of shops in all shapes and sizes achieve their revenue and profit goals.

Paramount Machine Makes the Switch to Datanomix

After years of struggles with their prior monitoring system, Paramount finds no-nonsense, out-of-the-box value in Datanomix.

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Datanomix ROI Calculator

Connects to all major makes and models of CNC Machines

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