Automated Production Intelligence™

Manufacturing is tough. To turn a profit, your machines and people need to work at peak efficiency at all times. But getting the information you need to analyze live operations can be difficult, which means the insights to transform your business with data are often just out of reach. Until now.

With no operator input required, Datanomix helps your entire team—management, supervisors, operators, and estimators—understand what’s happening on the floor in real-time so you can make adjustments on the fly, and provides the data needed to understand long-term trends to make better-informed decisions around quoting, costing, and planning.

Automated Downtime Insights™

Automated Downtime Insights are a significant capability that Datanomix has added to an already impressive platform. Using advanced analytics techniques, Datanomix can automatically determine expected and unexpected downtime events and derive reasons for those downtime events during live production.

While the Datanomix platform has never required operator input or downtime reason codes to provide valuable insights, this functionality offers additional process improvement opportunities for companies that need to increase performance in the current labor-constrained and demand-heavy environment.

Digital GEMBA Boards

The Datanomix Digital GEMBA Board vastly improves on physical GEMBA boards by accelerating mission-critical information directly from ERP systems to smart TVs on the production floor. The Digital GEMBA board becomes your factory communication hub so everyone sees it and the right people act on it. The end result: continuous improvement that soars!

Datanomix includes everything you need to showcase Digital GEMBA Boards on smart TVs, in both executive suites and around the factory floor, fostering communication that drives productivity. Our Digital GEMBA Board offers a collaborative and interactive experience that reveals insights and engages your entire company.

September 12 – 17, 2022 | McCormick Place, Chicago IL

Datanomix Booth #135958East Building

We understand you don’t need more work—you just need answers. So we built a new generation of production monitoring that delivers the right information at the right time to your entire team. To see how Datanomix provides the industry’s only hands-free automated production insights, visit booth #135958.

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Datanomix has created the next generation of production monitoring. We call it Automated Production Intelligence™. By automating the collection of data from your CNC machines and combining this with advanced machine learning to analyze the data, Datanomix allows you to deploy your best people to the jobs that need them right now—all without operator input!

Automated Production Intelligence™

Next-Gen Production Monitoring

The Datanomix platform is our flagship product, serving as the real-time control center for monitoring and managing your factory’s performance. Simply connect your CNC machines and Datanomix automatically analyzes all of the data—without operator input—and creates accurate real-time performance benchmarks and trend reports that answer common questions in seconds.

Digital GEMBA Boards

Your Continuous Improvement Co-Pilot

By connecting to your ERP, the Digital GEMBA Board displays real-time metrics and historical drill downs into any part number, customer, or order with just a few clicks, providing the context necessary for understanding and resolving issues.

Condition Monitoring

Keep Your Machines Up-and-Running

From proactive maintenance to predictive quality, Datanomix Condition Monitoring delivers the information you need to keep your machines up-and-running and producing quality parts time after time.

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