Data should be a game-changer for your team

You may already have connected machines,  pulling things like status, utilization and OEE. That’s awesome, and the first step in graduating from a dark production floor. It proves you’re data driven, and trying to get an edge.

Once data is flowing, it should be working for you, not making you work to understand it. Your team should be fully armed to make a significant impact on production every single day.

Are they?

Introducing Fusion by Datanomix

The modern way to manage production

Align Your Staff Around Peak Performance

It starts with a simple concept: align your team around big goals, give them the ability to see live, actionable feedback, and watch what happens.

Fusion learns what peak performance looks like for your production floor, gives you real-time feedback as to where you stand, and lets you know exactly why you’re ahead or behind.

Remediate Hot Spots

Fusion makes it simple to understand where your hot spots are on the production floor. Whether it be a misbehaving machine, a maintenance issue, or a job that is severely off pace, you’ll know when it happens, why it’s happening, and where to direct your resources.

Need to do forensic analysis on past events or jobs? No problem, Fusion makes it easy to access the full history of your machines, jobs and environment.

Optimize P&L Drivers

Setup times, job complexity, labor attribution, actual machining hours – these do not need to be mysteries that get swagged on your quote sheet and never reconciled against actual production.

Understanding the jobs that make you money vs. cost you money is an absolute necessity in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.

Ready to put your data to work?

Fusion is simple to get connected, and our time-to-insight is best in class.