Production Intelligence
for the Next Generation™

Transform manufacturing data into operational insights.

Reason codes and basic utilization systems have failed us for decades. The industry has been waiting for a fresh take on production monitoring, but nobody has delivered…until now.

Meet Datanomix—the industry’s first and only real-time production monitoring solution that requires No Operator Input™. Our approach is purpose-built for the Next Generation of manufacturers who know that yesterday’s monitoring solutions won’t take us to tomorrow.


Automated Production Intelligence™

Datanomix provides automated production monitoring software to growth-minded precision manufacturers who want real-time and historical insights into their production performance—without requiring any operator input. Powered by advanced machine learning, the software delivers real-time actionable insights viewable across TV screens, smartphones, and computers so customers can quickly intervene on issues impacting their revenue and profit goals.

Real-Time Production Monitoring

Datanomix redefines what manufacturing leaders should expect from their production monitoring systems and delivers capabilities with no work required on your part to find the answers you seek. We simply connect to your CNC machines, and our software unveils production insights in real-time and long-term factory trends over time. You don’t need to assemble, export, crunch, or customize data—you simply click and review! 

Real-time Production Monitoring for CNC Machining

Automated Job Costing™

Automated Job Costing™ analytics compare ProShop ERP target takt times (or button-to-button cycle time) for part production to Datanomix part performance actuals and benchmarks at the machine—offering complete clarity on gross margin performance on a per part basis relative to machining operations while also highlighting where the greatest opportunities for margin improvement exist.

Datanomix Quote Calibration Report

Digital GEMBA™ Boards

By connecting to your ERP, our Digital GEMBA Board displays real-time metrics and historical drill-downs into any part number, customer, or order with just a few clicks, providing the context necessary for understanding and resolving issues.

Datanomix Digital GEMBA boards

Real-Time Condition Monitoring

From proactive maintenance to predictive quality, Datanomix Condition Monitoring delivers the information you need to keep your machines up and running to produce quality parts time after time.

Datanomix Real-Time Condition Monitoring

Predictive Tool Life

By integrating and analyzing Caron Engineering tool performance and optimization data, Datanomix delivers more profound insights, giving you visibility from the tool to the machine to the overall factory.

Datanomix Predictive Tool Life and Integration with Caron Engineering


Paramount Machine Makes the Switch to Datanomix

After years of struggles with their prior monitoring system, Paramount finds no-nonsense, out-of-the-box value in Datanomix.

Datanomix ROI Calculator

How will your factory’s performance change with Datanomix?

Datanomix ROI Calculator

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