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Know where to focus to make more revenue, profit, and progress.

Manufacturers who want to make more money with the people and machines they already have, must optimize their production performance every day. Using manually collected data or an ERP to guide daily decisions is worthless because those methods can only show what’s happened in the past—and you can’t change that.

Datanomix shows what’s happening now—while there is still time to do something about it. We connect directly to each CNC machine’s controller and collect raw live data, which is then analyzed and scored. Real-time and historical insights are displayed across a mobile app, TVs, dashboards, and reports, so everyone can see where to focus to have the biggest impact.

Focused on What’s Important to You

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Increase your uptime and boost revenue per machine. Reducing your quote to cash cycle is fundamental to improving production performance—and to the Datanomix platform.

“We brought in Datanomix because we truly wanted to understand what was happening on the machines.“

Randal Leach, Operations Manager
Ricaurte Precision | Santa Ana, CA

Make More

Optimize cycle times and increase your profitability with Datanomix. You get accurate time studies for every part, on every machine, every day—with No Operator Input™ required.

“If we’re not efficient, we’re not making money. Datanomix has helped us increase our efficiency and our profitability across the board.“

Dylan Wade, Plant Manager
Rolar Products | Muskegon, MI

Make More

Maximize the impact of your internal continuous improvement efforts with robust reports with the ability to go granular to find every hidden opportunity.

“Datanomix has helped us not only with the data but to grow to the next level.“

Keith Campbell, VP
CADREX (formerly DFF) | Agawam, MA

Easy to install.
Easy to understand.
Easy to use.

The best presentation of shop floor data in the industry.

—Jack Russell, Owner, Rolar Products

Datanomix Benefits Every Shop Type—Across Any Industry

Datanomix has helped hundreds of shops in all shapes and sizes achieve their revenue and profit goals.

Paramount Machine Makes the Switch to Datanomix

After years of struggles with their prior monitoring system, Paramount finds no-nonsense, out-of-the-box value in Datanomix.

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Datanomix ROI Calculator

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