Production Intelligence That Drives Results

Most data systems bury you with more work. Datanomix Fusion goes to work for you. We turn factory performance into simple terms that get your teams talking about and focusing on what matters most.

You are here because you need Digital Leverage.
We are here because our products deliver it.

Why Datanomix?

Manufacturing is tough. You fight for every dollar of profit, every new quote, and every second of cycle time. Every one of our products is built to give you back time, give you information that matters in the now, and help you defend your profits, empower your people and grow your business.

You don’t need a techno-babble lecture. You need answers when they matter, you need time back in your day, and you need software that just works.

We call this Digital Leverage, and it’s our commitment to building products that actually go to work for you.

Production Monitoring

Real-time data to drive factory efficiency

Factory and job performance insights that require only a connection to your machine…no burden on your operators. Real-time and over-time understanding of cycle times, utilization, and throughput via Fusion’s intuitive benchmarking and scoring system.

Condition Detection

Digital GEMBA Boards

Stop chasing paper, start sharing results

Fully automated GEMBA boards with up-to-the-second status on factory KPI’s. Click-and-drill into any metric, any job, any customer, any time. Simply connect up to your existing ERP system, and mobilize your Continuous Improvement efforts.

Digital GEMBA Board

Condition Detection

Keep your equipment humming

Whether for maintenance, tuning or calibration, Fusion seamlessly integrates any sensor into the monitoring platform. Set thresholds and alerts so you can be notified in real-time when conditions require attention.

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Rally the floor around productivity

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Fusion allowed us to rally the floor around productivity

Transform the morning production meeting from status to solutions

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Take the mystery out of job costing

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