Drive Daily Decisions

Use Real-time Insights to Make the Best Decisions.


Datanomix Production Monitoring software provides real-time insights into the practical things your team needs to know to do their jobs well.

While some information seems basic, like knowing what machines are down, why and for how long, until Datanomix, getting that information involved either a lot of hard work or a lot of guesswork, with Datanomix Production Monitoring software, it’s instantaneous. The entire team has the information they need to succeed at their jobs and meet goals.

Here’s how Operators, Shop Floor Supervisors, Operations Managers, and Owners will use Datanomix every day to make data-driven decisions to help increase revenue and profitability:


  • Operators can just look up at TVs and see how their machine(s) are performing in real time against the benchmark.
  • People in charge of multiple machines get notifications on their mobile devices when one goes down.
  • Everyone can see which machines are down, why, and for how long. If they are near a down machine, they can step in to clear chips, etc. This fosters a team approach to the floor.
  • NO data is entry required, including reason codes. Datanomix pulls that data directly from the machines—freeing your people up to higher-value tasks. But, If your process involves operator input, the software can accommodate it.
  • The Datanomix Notebook feature replaces physical notebooks found next to a machine. Notes are shareable across the team and eliminate the need to read someone’s handwriting! It’s also where operators can capture continuous improvement ideas and issues they communicate to the engineering or production team.
  • Operators can gamify jobs by trying to meet or beat the benchmark. Scoring and Leaderboards tap into people’s natural competitiveness and encourage people to perform their best. It is a best practice to offer some kind of incentive for meeting or beating targets.
  • Machine operators can use the data they see to strategize how to improve machining a part when they know the exact cutting & touch time.

“Datanomix puts that information in front of us, plain and simple. We can just look at it and identify where to focus. We don’t need to hire somebody and incur the cost to have them translate it for us.”

Devon Gray, Machinist
Paramount Machine | Salt Lake City, UT

Shop Floor Supervisors

  • Supervisors can look up at Datamomix TV Mode or down at their mobile devices to see how every machine and part in a cell are performing in real time against their goals. This data helps decide where to focus to maximize productivity.
  • Real-time notifications on mobile devices alert them when things go sideways, so they can go and help NOW. This is invaluable for people who are often stuck in meetings. Configurable escalation protocols make sure an issue doesn’t fall through the cracks.
  • An automated report is sent every morning at 6 am that shows data on how every machine and part performed the previous day—and the week in progress. They can use that report to run an efficient morning production meeting and make data-driven decisions on what the priorities are for the day—rather than burn a lot of time just gathering the data.
  • In Notebook, supervisors can see what team members are having issues with and track recommendations and actions taken.
  • Performance trends help leaders understand which shifts or teams are getting more efficient and which are falling behind. This highlights where targeted training or additional resources are needed to meet targets.

“I can see it on my phone or check it on my computer, so at any time I can see what these machines are doing.”

Mike Jones, Swiss Line Lead
Rolar Products | Muskegon, MI

Operations Managers

  • Managers can quickly see how every machine (and part) is performing against plan.
  • They will get real-time notifications on their mobile devices as part of an escalation plan so they can intervene.
  • See at-a-glance how everything is doing and have the ability to drill down for more details if needed. 
  • Quickly identify what parts are adding the most profitability to the bottom line. And the flipside is true—they can also see which parts are hurting the bottom line.
  • Ops leaders can see how much capacity they are really using, which helps them make good decisions around the need for additional manpower or equipment. 
  • Managers can see shift-based and cell-based performance to target where support might be needed to maximize performance.

“At the end of the day, we just want to make sure that we’re making the parts we need to make with the best quality and delivery, and Datanomix helps us do that.”

Craig Michaud, Director of Engineering
ARCH Medical Group | Seabrook, NH

Owners & CEOs

  • Senior executives have access to real-time and historical data on the performance of every part, machine, machine group, and facility. 
  • Dashboards provide a one-click overview of metrics with a drill-down capability to understand the details.
  • Upper management always know what’s going on at their facility so they can stay competitive and grow the business.

“Implementing technology is an absolute must for us to be alive.”

Hernan Ricaurte, Owner
Ricaurte Precision Inc. | Santa Ana, CA

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