Digital GEMBA Boards

Your Continuous Improvement Co-Pilot

For Continuous Improvement personnel, a GEMBA Board is used to communicate their efforts with the rest of the factory. The Datanomix Digital GEMBA Board vastly improves on physical GEMBA boards by accelerating mission-critical information directly from ERP systems to smart TVs on the production floor to become your factory communication hub.

Real-Time GEMBA

Traditional GEMBA boards require team members to populate key metrics like Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Inventory by hand on whiteboards or paper. The Digital GEMBA Board is automatically populated in real-time using live data from your ERP system. Click-and-drill into any facet of your business to develop a well-informed action plan with real-time collaboration.

Prioritize Effectively

Manual updates of GEMBA boards limit not only the timeliness of the information, but also the level of specificity for each job. Digital GEMBA equips each cell with an Operational Readiness Board (ORB), a screen that details cell-specific jobs and priorities. ORBs also include up-to-date status on all aspects of the job, from materials to manufacturing to inspections, helping cells quickly identify issues and avoid delays.

Insights Everywhere

Datanomix includes everything you need to showcase Digital GEMBA Boards on smart TVs, in both executive suites and around the factory floor, fostering communication that drives productivity. Our Digital GEMBA Board offers a collaborative and interactive experience that reveals insights and engages your entire company in the continuous improvement process, right down to the cell level.

Plug and Play

Our GEMBA Connect service hooks seamlessly into your ERP database and all of the Digital GEMBA dashboards, driving fully automated reports from that point forward. Just continue using your ERP as normal and we deliver real-time updates to your Digital GEMBA Board and ORBs. Datanomix currently supports ShopTech E2, JobBoss, and GlobalShop ERP systems, and the system is architected to quickly support other ERP systems.

The Complete Picture

Digital GEMBA builds on Datanomix’s vision for automated production intelligence, automatically compiling metrics that describe important facets of operations and making people aware of whether performance is improving or not (and why). Where the Datanomix next-gen production monitoring platform quantifies job performance using real-time data from CNC machines, Digital GEMBA leverages ERP data to drive intelligence at the factory level. Digital GEMBA can be purchased with Datanomix production monitoring, or as a standalone product.

Datanomix Digital Gemba Boards drive daily production meetings.

“Through a remarkable collaboration process involving us, Datanomix, and some of their other customers, Datanomix triangulated on a Digital GEMBA board that perfectly meets the needs of our highest level executives all the way to our operators. Metrics, job status, and work assignments are clear, simple and digital. I smile every time I walk past these GEMBA boards knowing how much time and pain they save us from understanding exactly how our factory is doing.”

– Dave Gabanelli, Director of Planning and Processing, DFF

Digital GEMBA FAQ’s

  • How does this get the data to populate the Digital GEMBA Board?

    Part of our Digital GEMBA Board product includes our GEMBA Connector—a simple piece of software that connects to your ERP database to feed information into our system.

  • Which ERP systems do you support?

    We currently support ShopTech E2, JobBoss and GlobalShop. Have something different? We’re more than happy to work with you!

  • How do I display my digital GEMBA board?

    The solution includes everything you will need to broadcast the GEMBA Board on a smart TV. TV’s can be placed in both office areas and on the factory floor for interaction by all team members. Our Digital GEMBA Board is designed to be a real time interactive experience. 

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