Digital GEMBA Boards

Your Continuous Improvement Co-Pilot

GEMBA boards are a proven way to drive Continuous Improvement projects, and the whole process is made even more efficient with our Digital GEMBA Board.

Our software connects to your ERP system and displays real-time SQDCI metrics on smart TV’s, and provides real-time and historical drill-downs into any part #, customer or order in mere clicks.

Digital GEMBA Board

Forget the Dry-Erase Markers

Key metrics like Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Inventory are automatically populated for you in real-time using live data from your ERP. Click-and-drill into any particular block to see each job’s contribution to your metrics.

Communicate Clear Priorities

In addition to the main GEMBA Board, each cell can be equipped with Operational Readiness Boards (ORBs), detailing cell-specific jobs and priorities. ORBs also include up-to-the-second status on all aspects of the job, from materials, to manufacturing, and inspections.

Plug and Play

Our GEMBA Connect service hooks seamlessly into your ERP database, providing real-time updates to your GEMBA Board and ORBs. Just continue using your ERP as normal and all your displays will match reality!

Digital GEMBA FAQ’s

  • How does this get the data to populate the Digital Gemba Board?

    Part of our Digital Gemba Board product includes our Gemba Connector – a simple piece of software that connects to your ERP database to feed information into our system.

  • Which ERP systems do you support?

    We currently support ShopTech E2, JobBoss and GlobalShop. Have something different? We’re more than happy to work with you!

  • How do I display my digital GEMBA board?

    The solution includes everything you will need to broadcast the GEMBA Board on a smart TV. TV’s can be placed in both office areas and on the factory floor for interaction by all team members. Our Digital GEMBA Board is designed to be a real time interactive experience. 

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