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PODCAST: Enhancing Your Machine Tool with Data

On episode 31 of Okuma’s Shop Matters podcast, Wade Anderson talks with Rob Caron of Caron Engineering and John Joseph of Datanomix.

Discover how the combined data analytics technologies of Datanomix and Caron Engineering can work together to elevate a shop’s workflows for greater precision, efficiency, and part production, while also helping predict and avoid costly machine failure down the road.

“The journey that we’re on is less about machine monitoring and more about a spectrum of monitoring technology that starts with the cutting tool itself and works all the way up to business impact.” —John Joseph, CEO & co-founder, Datanomix

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

  1. How the combination of tool operation data from Caron Engineering and the CNC machine data analytics from Datanomix creates a sum that’s greater than its parts
  2. Why shop size is irrelevant to the value of data when looking to increase efficiencies and profitability
  3. Why creating multiple streams of data will enrich the ability to understand machine operations and deliver advanced predictive maintenance capabilities
  4. How the current employee mix—with the loss of long-term machine capabilities—requires new ways of assisting machine operators with actionable insights

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Datanomix and Caron Engineering Partner to Deliver Real-Time Performance Intelligence for Precision Manufacturers

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