Caron Integration

Caron Engineering has been delivering smart manufacturing solutions since 1986. By combining decades of manufacturing domain expertise with advanced sensor and monitoring technology, Caron optimizes performance, productivity, and profitability for precision manufacturers. By integrating and analyzing Caron Engineering tool performance and optimization data, Datanomix delivers deeper insights, giving you visibility from the tool to the machine to the overall factory.

TMAC (Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control)

A Datanomix dashboard displays the status of every TMAC-enabled machine in the factory, providing a consolidated view of performance that accelerates job-level continuous improvement. The dashboard shows Caron performance parameters, including horsepower, vibration, pressure, strain, and coolant information for each TMAC machine, and users can create alerts for out-of-tolerance conditions, enabling rapid response. In addition, the dashboard provides a quick view of Bearing Health and Tool Wear to empower proactive maintenance.

DTect-IT (Machine Condition Monitoring)

DTect-IT combines high-precision sensor technology with advanced analysis to monitor, detect, and correct anomalies in the machining process. The Datanomix platform visualizes DTect-IT data, enabling customers who need deeper analytics and optimization strategies for cutting unique parts.

AutoComp (Automatic Tool Compensation Software)

AutoComp processes measurement data from any electronic gauging device and automatically calculates and compensates tool offsets in the control, without operator intervention. Customers with both Caron and Datanomix will be able to map cutting conditions to part yields, providing insights into optimal adjustments and conditions to produce the highest quality parts.

ToolConnect (Tool Data Management System)

ToolConnect automates the process of loading tools into the machine by automatically transferring tool offset data directly from the presetter to the CNC control via RFID tags embedded in tool holders and 2D presetter-printed barcodes. The system is completely customizable to meet users’ tool load specifications and records every step, action, and data exchange. Caron customers with Datanomix will be able to derive insights into how tool geometry variations affect cutting performance, allowing optimization over time.

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Optimizing Machining and Accelerating Production Performance

“To fully realize the potential of our advanced CNC machines, we’ve been working with Caron Engineering and Datanomix to help us increase the quality and speed at which we machine parts.”

– Jamie Bell, Vice President of Operations, Nikel Precision