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Integrating Technology at Your Shop Prior to Expanding Your Facility

Cutting Tool Engineering features David Packard Co.—a full-service machining facility in Oxford, Massachusetts, with over 30 years of experience in CNC milling and turning metal parts

David Packard Co. (DPC) is based in Oxford, MA with over 30 years of experience in CNC milling and turning metal parts. Lacking floor space for new machines, DPC sought ways to get more out of their existing factory. They found success with integrating technology to drive higher productivity. Thanks to Datanomix, DPC is now improving shop utilization as a short term solution prior to expanding their facility! The company saw “a combined 15% increase in shop output after implementing the Datanomix software.”

“I know we can unlock 20% of additional capacity from our existing base to fill the influx of new business coming in while we put plans in place to expand our facilities.” — Matt Dipietro, Owner and President, David Packard Company

Reflecting on where DPC was before Datanomix, business leaders highlight stark differences in information flow, speed of root-cause analysis, key performance indicator measurement and overall productivity of not only operators but the entire leadership team.

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