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Three Workflows to Dramatically Increase Uptime


Maximizing utilization is the foundation of good production performance—and the Datanomix platform. That’s why all new customers start with three Quick Win workflows that boost uptime and introduce every employee to the power of real-time data. Customers quickly see that when every employee has the information they need to succeed, their uptime soars!

1. Everyone Can See Stopped Machines

What’s Down & Why?
TVs in the facility display every stopped machine, why it’s stopped, and for how long.

2. Real-Time Notifications Sent To Mobile Devices

Configurable Push Notifications
Alerts are sent to mobile devices to show operators, supervisors, and managers where their attention is needed NOW. Escalation plans makes sure that small issues don’t turn into BIG problems.

3. Time On Tap

Analyzes Machine Efficiency
Tracks and displays the time it takes to get machines into cycle, downtime around breaks, and the time between last active and end of shift.

Time On Tap in the Fast Track Dashboard


The impact of Quick Wins includes:

  • Ability to address stopped machines as a team—and resolve issues faster.

  • Supervisors get high-priority notifications to come help—even when in meetings.

  • Notification escalation path makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Machines are in-cycle faster at the start of each shift.

The average customer captures an additional hour per machine / per day from Quick Wins and a double-digit increase in availability.

Tracking Time to First Active Example
Machines Start Sooner + Increased Visibility

Our typical customer ROI for the first 90 days for Time to First Active improvements.
One of the Time on Tap measurements that are part of Quick Wins.

“I’m a firm believer in that human beings, once they see their own performance in their own time, they’ll fix their own things without you having to say a word.”

Jack Russell, Owner, Rolar Products

Rolar, Datanomix Customer

“We do lights out manufacturing and getting a message on our phone that tells us there is a tooling issue and the machine is down and all we have to do is step in click a few buttons and continue running is priceles..”

Hernan Ricaurte, Owner, Ricaurte Precision

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Increase your uptime and boost revenue per machine. Reducing your quote to cash cycle is fundamental to improving production performance—and to the Datanomix platform.

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Optimize cycle times and increase profitability with Datanomix. Get accurate time studies for every part, on every machine, every day—with No Operator Input™ required.

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Maximize the impact of your internal continuous improvement efforts with robust reports with the ability to go granular to find every hidden opportunity.

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Drive down your COGS by optimizing OEE, tooling costs, and production performance. Enjoy enterprise-level features like user-defined visibility and multi-site metrics.

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