Condition Monitoring

Prevent Common Machine Problems

If it can be measured, Fusion can detect it, guardband it, and keep your machines running optimally. We work with any IO-Link based sensor and seamlessly integrate parametric data into your existing machine view.

Our anomaly detection algorithms establish automatic thresholds for normal operation, and alert you when conditions go awry.

Ensure Optimum Conditions

Temperature, pressure, and vibration are usually leading indicators that something in your environment has changed that might impact quality. Connect up new sensors, or take advantage of the ones you already have and let us do part-specific outlier detection for you.

Proactive Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than getting a job started only to have to deal with a routine maintenance issue 60 minutes later. Our pre-packaged maintenance condition kits deal with a lot of these common challenges – from clogged filters to misbehaving barfeeders, we have you covered.

Predictive Quality

Taking advantage of high frequency sensors and advanced signal processing, our Predictive Quality detection observes production runs looking for part-to-part variances. We’ll flag any parts for you that are suspect, along with the associated signals, so you can see the what, when and why of scrap.

The morning always starts with the Coffee Cup Report.

“In 15 minutes each day, the Coffee Cup Report gives me a complete picture of yesterday’s results without having to walk the floor or counting parts. It’s automatic, with no disruption to operators, and I have the answers I need to run the business.”

– Jesse Bunnell, Senior Group Leader, Eptam Precision

Conditional Monitoring FAQ’s

  • What kind of conditions can I monitor?

    In addition to the alarms available from your machines themselves, you can monitor any environmental condition of your choosing. Common applications include temperatures, pressures, and vibrations.

  • Which sensor types do you support?

    We work with any brand of sensors that supports IO-Link. This includes the most common industrial brands such as Baluff and IFM.

  • How do I get alerted when something is outside of acceptable parameters?

    We support text and e-mail alerting. Additionally, our software automatically determines reasonable statistical ranges for any condition on a per machine and per job basis. This means we know acceptable ranges of tool loads, vibrations, etc. on each job you run, and are able to guardband those to detect outliers and alert you accordingly.

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