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Real-Time Factory Insights

At Datanomix, we transform manufacturing data into operational insights. Datanomix helps you optimize and accelerate productivity, performance, and profitability by analyzing and visualizing operations so everyone is on the same page. And best of all? We deliver these deep insights automatically—no operator input required!

Automated Production Intelligence™

By simply connecting to your CNC machine controllers, Datanomix production monitoring uses machine learning to analyze and benchmark your actual production data in real time. With smart TVs displaying the Datanomix dashboard around the floor, everyone is on the same page and resources flow to jobs that need attention. And by saving all of the data, you start to see long-term trends to make better-informed decisions for day-to-day operations, capital expenditures, and job quoting.

Digital GEMBA Board

The Datanomix Digital GEMBA Board vastly improves on physical GEMBA boards by accelerating mission-critical information from ERP systems to the production floor for the right people to act on it. By connecting to your ERP, the Digital GEMBA Board displays real-time metrics and historical drill-downs into any part number, customer, or order with just a few clicks, providing the context necessary for understanding and resolving issues. The Datanomix Digital GEMBA Board becomes your factory continuous improvement hub, with smart TVs displaying up-to-date information at cells across the manufacturing floor.

Condition Monitoring in Real Time

When conditions like temperature, pressure, or vibration change, it can be a leading indicator for issues that might impact the quality of the parts you manufacture. With Datanomix, connect to new IoT sensors, or the sensors you already have, to provide part-specific outlier detection. Our anomaly detection algorithms establish automatic thresholds for normal operation and alert you when conditions stray from these limits. From proactive maintenance to predictive quality, Datanomix Condition Monitoring delivers the information you need to keep your machines up-and-running and producing quality parts time after time.

Caron Engineering Integration

Datanomix has partnered with Caron Engineering to offer data-driven integrations that deliver deeper insights that leverage the two companies’ manufacturing domain expertise in real-time production monitoring and machine tool optimization. By applying advanced data science to the data from Caron on tool and machine optimization, and from Datanomix on overall machine and factory performance, customers can proactively optimize whole-factory performance and profitability.

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Start Your Morning with the Coffee Cup Report

“In 15 minutes each day, the Coffee Cup Report gives me a complete picture of yesterday’s results without having to walk the floor or counting parts. It’s automatic, with no disruption to operators, and I have the answers I need to run the business.” – Jesse Bunnell, Plant Operations Manager, Eptam Precision

Datanomix Digital GEMBA Boards Drive Daily Production Meetings

“Through a remarkable collaboration process involving us, Datanomix, and some of their other customers, Datanomix triangulated on a Digital GEMBA board that perfectly meets the needs of our highest level executives all the way to our operators. Metrics, job status, and work assignments are clear, simple and digital. I smile every time I walk past these GEMBA boards knowing how much time and pain they save us from understanding exactly how our factory is doing.” — Dave Gabanelli, Director of Planning and Processing, DFF

Optimizing Machining and Accelerating Production Performance

“To fully realize the potential of our advanced CNC machines, we’ve been working with Caron Engineering and Datanomix to help us increase the quality and speed at which we machine parts.” – Jamie Bell, Vice President of Operations, Nikel Precision

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