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Datanomix Production Monitoring Software

Datanomix provides real-time insights into what’s happening right now—while you still have time to do something about it. We connect directly to your CNC machine controllers and pull all the available raw live data, which is then analyzed and scored using advanced machine learning. Real-time and historical insights are automatically displayed across a mobile app, large-screen TVs, dashboards, and reports so your team has anytime/anywhere access to the information they need to make the best decisions for your business.

See Where You Should Focus Precious Resources

Datanomix software performs robust analysis on uptime, downtime, programs, parts, and more. Most other monitoring solutions can only see whether a machine is on or off OR they require significant operator input and number crunching to uncover any actionable insights. Datanomix does it all automatically. Here is just a sampling of the type of information available with Datanomix:

Touch Time & Cutting Time

Cycle times are broken down so you can see exactly where the opportunities for improvement are: too much touch time might indicate a training gap, while too much cutting time might trigger an engineering review.

See Winners, Losers, and Parts with Potential

An intuitive scoring system shows you which parts are making or losing money—in real-time & historically.

Daily Scorecard

A 6 a.m. Coffee Cup Report shows how every part on every machine performed the day before. Perfect for morning production meetings to talk through what happened and set priorities for the day.

“We all want to make money. If we’re not efficient, we’re not making money. Datanomix has helped us increase our efficiency and our profitability across the board.”

Dylan Wade, Plant Manager
Rolar Products | Muskegon, MI

Experience Kick-Ass Implementation

We’ve got your back. Change is hard, even when a product is as easy to use and understand as Datanomix. A dedicated customer success team ensures that each phase of the implementation and training goes smoothly:

PHASE 1: Quick Wins

Introduces everyone to the power of real-time data and shows people where to focus right now to have the biggest impact.

PHASE 2: Setting Goals

Uncovers exactly what your shop is capable of by using real-time and historical data to plan out daily, weekly & monthly goals.

PHASE 3: Reporting & Continuous Improvement

How to keep building on the enormous success you have achieved so far and support a culture of efficiency.

Modules Focused on What’s Important to You

Make More

Increasing uptime boosts revenue per machine and reduces your quote to cash cycle. It is fundamental to improving production performance—and to the Datanomix platform.

Make More

Improving cycle times increases your profitability. With Datanomix, you get accurate time studies for every part, on every machine, every day—without requiring operator input.

Make More

Support your internal processes and maximize your continuous improvement efforts with the ability to go granular and really dig into data to find those hidden opportunities.

We brought in Datanomix because we truly wanted to understand what was happening on the machines.

—Randal Leach, Operations Manager at Ricaurte Precision | Santa Ana, CA

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