Datanomix Releases Delivery Track to Help Manufacturers Answer the Age-Old Question “When Will That Job be Done?”

New dashboards provide visibility into when jobs will be done based on continuously updated real-time production data.

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE—May 16, 2024—Datanomix maker of the leading production monitoring platform for precision manufacturers, announced today that it has launched Delivery Track to eliminate the lack of visibility into On-Time Delivery (OTD) and the projected completion time of jobs.

Delivery Track is a user-friendly set of dashboards that provides visibility into a previously opaque process, enabling manufacturers to intervene if necessary to keep jobs on target. There are three methods of predicting delivery that align with customer requirements:

  • Delivery by Job:
    Ideal for shops that run multi-day jobs, this mode allows customers to set target completion dates and part counts for each job.
  • Delivery by Uptime:
    Suited for highly automated shops, this method focuses on the total weekly uptime for a designated machine or machine group.
  • Delivery by Part Count:
    Perfect for cell-based operations, this approach sets targets based on the total part count produced by groups of machines.

Each method features adjustable goal-setting, color-coded results, and graphical views to make it easy to pinpoint problems. Users can simply click on data to drill down for root cause analysis.

— Mike Payne, Owner of Hill Manufacturing in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Key features of Delivery Track include:

  • Set targets by job completion dates, uptime hours, or part counts.
  • Track progress in real-time with visual alerts for at-risk jobs.
  • Drill down into daily or shift performance for in-depth analysis.

Delivery Track helps manufacturers reduce delays, improve on-time delivery rates, and meet customer expectations, giving them an edge in today’s competitive market. Delivery Track is now available to all Datanomix customers as part of the company’s flagship Production Monitoring software.

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Barbara Shea, Director of Content Marketing, Datanomix

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