THINK PIECE: How Gun Makers Use Datanomix to Increase Factory Output & CNC Operator Skills

By Targeting Real-Time Production Monitoring and Analysis, Datanomix Pulls Live CNC Controller Data to Benchmark Production and Deliver Actionable Insights in Real Time for Continuous Improvement

Gun manufacturers in the United States are struggling to keep up with market demand. Most are operating at total capacity but still can’t produce enough guns to keep customers happy. Buying more CNC machines and opening new facilities, but it’s still not enough.

After speaking with dozens of gun manufacturers, Datanomix CEO and co-founder John Joseph put together this think piece covering:

  • The common themes all gun manufacturers share as they struggle to make enough guns to satisfy a demanding gun-buying public
  • How advanced technologies and automation are creating the leverage needed by gun makers to start addressing huge backlogs
  • Why Datanomix is the only real-time production monitoring solution that not only increases productivity in operations but also empowers employees to do more

“To take full advantage of this new level of automation, gun makers must deploy advanced software that delivers more information to operators, supervisors, and management, helping to amplify workforce productivity so you can do more with less.”

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