VIDEO: How Datanomix Helps Increase Efficiency and Production Across the Board

An Interview with Rolar Products’ Plant Manager, Dylan Wade

Dylan Wade was working as a technical supervisor of broadband installations for Western University when a friend asked if he wanted to make a little extra money running parts at Rolar Products. As a numbers guy, Dylan jumped on the opportunity and spent two weeks learning the basics of G and M Code to produce a part within his first month.

Sixteen years later, Dylan is now the plant manager at Rolar Products. As a lifetime Muskegon citizen, he’s seen Rolar grow from 4 employees to the current 60,000-square-foot factory in Muskegon, MI, with 40 employees running over $5 million a year in parts for many customers. And amongst this growth, Rolar has implemented Datanomix.

“Datanomix helps us with our efficiencies and production by having the set-ups ready to go and knowing that there could be an issue with a job that we haven’t run in six months to a year. We look at the data to know if it was a hard running job last time and what can we do to make it more efficient.”

— Dylan Wade, Plant Manager, Rolar Products

This interview with Tony Gunn of MTDCNC goes through Dylan’s journey into manufacturing and how Datanomix has helped Rolar Products increase efficiency and production across the board.

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