Datanomix Manufacturing Mavericks

We Launched a Podcast – Manufacturing Mavericks

We’re sharing real stories from people inspiring innovation in manufacturing.

At Datanomix, we’ve had the good fortune of meeting some of the most innovative, resilient, and driven leaders in precision manufacturing. Manufacturing Mavericks is our way of showcasing these amazing people and how they’re improving processes, applying technology, and aligning their company culture to ensure American manufacturing will thrive for generations to come.


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EPISODE #1 — Entrepreneurship is Never a Straight Line

Manufacturing Maverick, Jack Russell

Jack Russell, Owner of Rolar Products, shares his unconventional path from a kid in Muskegon tinkering on a homemade mini bike to buying a 3-person machine shop with his 401k. Jack talks about the importance of creating a great company culture, technology’s role in his success, collaborating with competitors, and how to empower employees to help grow the business.

If you are a Manufacturing Maverick who is figuring out and defining what the next chapter of precision manufacturing looks like, contact us to tell your story and inspire others.

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