Hill Manufacturing Chooses Datanomix

VIDEO: Job Shop With No IT Team Selects Datanomix Because It’s Easy To Use & Has Great Support

Mike Payne, owner of Hill Manufacturing & Fabrication, doesn’t have an IT team to support any new initiatives he wants to roll out—it’s just him and his managers. He knew automated machine monitoring could help him grow, but he needed a solution that wasn’t too basic to be useful or too complicated to be practical. He chose Datanomix.  

“I needed something that was well supported, and I didn’t want to train my operators on another system. A lot of them (machine monitoring solutions) have a tablet. That’s more IT staff, more training, more everything...For us, it (Datanomix) was perfect. I don’t have to have that operator input, so that takes care of the floor – they don’t have to change anything.”  

— Mike Payne, owner, Hill Manufacturing

With Datanomix, Hill Manufacturing can get actionable insights into its production performance without needing an IT team, operator input, extra tablets on the floor, or a lot of training.

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