VIDEO: Building a Company that Will Stand the Test of Time

Hastreiter Industries invests in automation to ensure they are around for another 40 years!

Kylan Hastreiter talks to Tony Gunn from MTDCNC about how he uses technology to make smart business decisions that make Hastreiter Industries more competitive. He explains how he was able delay buying a third Matsuura MX-520 after seeing insights from his Datanomix Production Monitoring system. Datanomix showed him where there was untapped capacity on his current machines so he could do more with what he already had. He and his brothers are investing in technology because they want the small shop their parents started in a hog shed with one machine to grow aggressively.

With Datanomix, if I take 18 or 19 machines and get a 10% productivity boost out of them, that’s another two machines, right? And how much money did I just spend to get two more machines?” 

—Kylan Hastreiter, Vice President, Hastreiter Industires

Kylan is very passionate about leveraging technology to make them more efficient, productive, and profitable. He appreciates that decisions and investments they are making now impacts the future of his family’s business.

If you look at what it was like 40 years back in the industry, imagine what it’s going to look like 40 years from now. Are you positioning yourself to take full advantage of that future?

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