Hill Manufacturing Shop Floor

VIDEO: Oklahoma-based Job Shop Wanted to Switch from Paper-Based Monitoring to Automated Monitoring

It Took Them 4 minutes to Decide on Datanomix

Mike Payne, owner of Hill Manufacturing in Broken Arrow, OK, had a long history with software, machine monitoring, and ERPs prior to becoming a machine shop owner. When he bought Hill, it was a profitable company with a 40-year history. Mike wanted to take it to the next level, and one of the things he did was to switch from paper-based manual monitoring to automated production monitoring with Datanomix. All Mike’s changes have really paid off – his shop has doubled in size since he took over. 

“With paper-based monitoring … A lot of times it’s two or three days after the job shipped when you knew if you did well. You’re not going to change the outcome at that point. I wanted more current and accessible data to make decisions on a more real-time basis and change the outcome of a job.”

— Mike Payne, Owner, Hill Manufacturing

Using Datanomix, Mike and his team now have access to real-time data about every job on every machine. They can quickly intervene when production issues threaten their targets and get the job back on track. They really love that Datanomix doesn’t require any operator input—so they can focus on running their machines.  

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