VIDEO: Finding the Best Monitoring Solution

Hastreiter Industries learned the hard way that not all monitoring software solutions are equal.

Kylan Hastreiter and his two brothers took over their small family shop started in a hog shed back in the 1980s. They had aggressive growth plans and wanted to incorporate machine monitoring to help them hit their goals. Their first choice didn’t work out so well. In fact, they had to take a two year hiatus from monitoring to recover!

“Sometimes what looks really good on the outside isn’t necessarily what is actually on the inside and the experience. And with some of those issues that we ran into. If we would have just started with the Datanomix, we’d never even known that those were even potential issues to have in the first place.” 

—Kylan Hastreiter, Vice President, Hastreiter Industires

The first-generation solutions they looked at were too simple, so they chose a big name that made a lot of promises. Sadly, the system didn’t live up to its hype. It became a huge burden because they had to build their own dashboards and reports and what little functionality there was out of the box didn’t work for Hastreiter. Kylan and his team felt like that system was just spewing out data without providing the insights that he and his team needed.

“Not only do I have to be my own data analyst, I have to be the data engineer to actually even create the whole system. Even though I’m paying these guys to create the system for me.”

Kylan has a lot to say about looking for the right solution and how finding the best one really helped his company make the best business decisions, including when it’s the right time to buy a new machine..

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