Get the Datanomix Mobile App

Customers can enjoy Datanomix on the go through the new mobile app, now available for iOS and Android devices!

Put the Power of Datanomix in the Palm of Your Hand.

Many of our customers have been waiting for this—announcing the release of our mobile app for iOS and Android devices! Now, they can see the status of their Datanomix-connected machines to track job performance in real time on a smartphone or tablet. Customers can also pull up their most important reports, including the After Action, Coffee Cup, and Quote Calibration reports.

The Datanomix platform delivers Automated Production Intelligence™ that automatically turns raw machine data into real-time production intelligence, visualizing insights in a number of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards—all while working with your existing workflows. Get the information you need to keep production on track no matter where you are.

NOTE: The mobile app requires a Datanomix license and login. This app is for Datanomix customers only.

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