Datanomix Introduces Continuous Improvement Automation Software to Supercharge Your GEMBA Walks

The Industry’s first Digital GEMBA™ Solution is now available. 

Nashua, NH, Mar 2, 2021 — Datanomix, the leading vendor of production intelligence software for industrial manufacturers, today announced the introduction of its Digital GEMBA™ product. This new offering streamlines Continuous Improvement operations and planning, with a focus on the immensely popular GEMBA approach to such projects. 

The hallmark is a Digital GEMBA Board – a real-time indicator of key factory metrics around Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Inventory that offers quick visual drill-downs into any customer, project, or part. All the software requires is a connection to the ERP system—all dashboards and reports from that point forward are fully automated.

Datanomix’s Digital GEMBA continues to build on the production intelligence vision for Datanomix by automatically pulling together critical metrics that describe important facets of factory operations, making people aware of whether performance is increasing or not, and why. Where production Monitoring software quantifies individual job performance using real-time data from manufacturing equipment, digital GEMBA leverages existing ERP data to derive intelligence at the factory level. During the morning GEMBA walk, users approach one of several Smart TV’s throughout the building, review all the key metrics, jobs, and priorities, and form the day’s game plan with all of the stakeholders huddled around. Specific details on any jobs, reports and plans can be analyzed right at the TV just by clicking and drilling down to learn more.

“We designed our GEMBA software from the user up, to be automated, real-time, simple to follow, and serve as the pulse of the entire factory at a glance. Datanomix Digital GEMBA automatically retrieves vital operations information, sorts it and updates it constantly in order to deliver a dynamic view of the entire operation as it is happening,”  said Greg McHale, Datanomix co-founder/CTO. “Priorities are clear, metrics are live, and plans and projects unfold live right in front of the TV screen using the best available data. Datanomix Digital GEMBA catalyzes the Continuous Improvement culture, making it easy for everyone to see and discuss the best opportunities.” 

DFF Corporation in Agawam, Massachusetts machines and assembles a number of components for global customers like Amazon, Siemens, and many others. Bill Marganti, DFF president, and his staff first deployed the Datanomix Monitoring System across their 300,000 sq ft facility as phase one for intelligently managing their large production floor.  “Datanomix gives us up to the second information on our critical jobs, allowing us to balance the needs of all our operators and customer’s parts across the production floor. Our leadership team makes decisions based on Datanomix production scores.”  Datanomix Digital GEMBA was the next logical step in the management framework for DFF. “GEMBA is a way of unifying our day-to-day operations and continuous improvement efforts under one umbrella. The Datanomix products have changed the way we manage growth at DFF. We see the KPIs for the entire operation on a single interactive screen and can drill into any facet of the business to form our action plan,” commented Marganti, a 38-year veteran of the industry.

“Our customers asked us to automate their GEMBA workflow to streamline Continuous Improvement efforts while improving overall communications across the plant. They needed a heads-up display for their factories and we provided it to them in a way that is seamless, easy to follow, and requires zero input from them. We let their ERP systems chug along while we amplify the critical factory information that people can act on RIGHT NOW. The latest introduction of GEMBA functionality addresses many of the requirements of a continuous improvement program for our customers’ businesses ” said Datanomix CEO and Co-founder, John Joseph.   

Datanomix is the industry’s first hands-free, real-time, plug-and-play production and operations monitoring solution that requires No Operator Input™ and automatically provides performance capability and scores running jobs using only data from the manufacturing equipment itself. Datanomix Digital GEMBA can be purchased with Datanomix Monitoring, or as a standalone product. Running either software product on Smart TV’s is highly recommended.

About Datanomix
Datanomix delivers Automated Production Intelligence for discrete manufacturers with No Operator Input™ required. Its core product set includes its flagship Production Monitoring system, along with Digital GEMBA Boards, and Condition Monitoring systems. Based in New Hampshire, Datanomix exists to provide manufacturers with out-of-the-box reports and workflows that align with the way manufacturing people already work, without the need for manual data crunching or workflow disruption.

Press Contact:
Lisa Saunders, Director of Marketing Communications, Datanomix

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