What Our New Funding Round Means to You

Datanomix will always remain a company that hears your voice, has your back, and is here to serve your needs as efficiently as possible.

Today, we announced the completion of a Series A capital raise of $6M co-led by Bob Davoli (Gutbrain Ventures) and Bruce Clarke (PBJ Capital) with participation from Mike Wohl, Chief Investment Officer at CEAS Investments. This funding is the result of months of hard work by our team, through constantly changing circumstances and coming out stronger on the other side. We are delighted to welcome Bob, Bruce, and Mike to our team. They each bring unique skills and experiences to help us accelerate and amplify our mission. They are joining a great team of employees and current investors who have come together as one. 

Thank You Investors:
Before discussing growth, it’s important to acknowledge the incredible investor support we received over the last 15 months. You know you are involved in something special when the people who invested in your company rally around you to make sure everyone at the company is doing okay, and work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you are best situated to serve your employees and your customers.

Customers Remain Our Focus:
As we embark on the next chapter at Datanomix, fueled by this new investment round, we will grow the organization by adding engineering, sales, marketing, and customer support resources to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of our software and continue to grow with us. Both Greg and I have spent years pouring over what the customer experience has to be in order to have a winning company. From our first encounter with prospects, through training and ongoing support, our customers have to know that we have their backs and will help them close production intelligence gaps in their businesses. We’ve forged excellent relationships with the people who have entrusted us with their factory analytics needs, and delivering mission-critical data automation and analysis products remains our core focus as we build the next wave of capabilities.  

The Future Is Near: There is a great multiplier effect to what we’re doing here at Datanomix. Our software upgrades manufacturing equipment to real-time intelligent systems that share practical business insights for a relatively small investment, improving predictability, on-time delivery, and quote accuracy.

Before Datanomix, production leaders spent their mornings chasing people, paper, and parts, and their weekends wrestling spreadsheets to try to understand where their factory really stands from a performance and business perspective. The compound effect of returned time, reduced stress, and a clear line of sight to increased profitability is a source of renewed energy for our customers and inspiration for us. Our customers’ testimonials currently highlighted on our website are only the beginning of the impact we endeavor to have on improving the efficiency and competitiveness of American manufacturing.

This new investment round brings great responsibility for us. We have built an amazing company to date on the shoulders of an incredible team, inspiring customers, and supportive investors. As our team grows in size, our presence expands nationally, and our brand wins over the hearts and minds of more and more manufacturers, we will always remain a company that hears your voice, has your back, and is here to serve your needs as efficiently as possible. 

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the success of Datanomix to date, and to those who soon will be. We are honored to have achieved this significant milestone and we are humbled at the work ahead of us as we continue to redefine manufacturing analytics one machine at a time.

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