VIDEO: Take the Mystery Out of Production Performance with Datanomix

Tony Gunn and Greg McHale discuss the importance of real-time production data, how better information allows manufacturers to deliver more accurate (and profitable) quotes, and the importance of production goals.

We’re like an Apple Watch for manufacturing. An Apple Watch will track you walking around your neighborhood and you usually finish in 35 minutes, but the watch knows you’ve done it in 29 minutes at least once. To make sure you push yourself, the watch sets a goal of 29 minutes. We do the same for production teams. When everyone knows the gold standard for performance, teams intuitively boost their performance. It’s gamification for manufacturing.

—Greg McHale, Founder, Datanomix

The great thing about Datanomix is that it gathers all the data from every part run, making production capabilities more accurate over time. Datanomix makes it easy to display real-time production data on TVs around the shop floor, so the entire team knows exactly how today’s jobs are performing and has the ability to jump in when things go sideways.

In this interview with MTDCNC around the World, Greg McHale explains how Datanomix can improve overall factory efficiency!

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