THINK PIECE: The Fatal Flaws of First Generation Monitoring Systems

And How to Break Free from Mediocre Monitoring

Greg McHale, Datanomix co-founder and CTO, is passionate about helping precision manufacturers better understand their operations with data. And one of the ways we fire him up is to get him talking about the limitations of first-gen production monitoring systems.

The question, “Why wouldn’t you want to use operator input for your production monitoring system?” is the trigger.  Then we sit back and enjoy the fireworks as Greg (mostly) calmly explains the big flaws with most production monitoring solutions and why so many of our customers have kicked out these first-gen systems because of the amount of work required to produce very few actionable insights.

So instead of subjecting everyone to an expletive-laden tirade about the evils of operator input and the complete lack of reason code compliance, we had Greg sit down and write out his views on why advanced analytics and machine learning are the only way to deliver the real-time insights needed for day-to-day performance monitoring, as well as the deep insights into overall factory performance for the leadership team over time.

To download Greg’s think piece—The Fatal Flaws in First Generation Monitoring Systems (and How to Break Free from Mediocre Monitoring)—just complete the form below. We think you’ll find it informative and entertaining.

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