VIDEO: How Datanomix Empowers Employees at Rolar Products

Watch this short video to hear how Jack Russell, Owner & President at Rolar Products in Muskegon, Michigan, uses Datanomix to empower his employees with real-time data and insights.

For Jack and Rolar, the employees are the heart and soul of the business. And as the leader of a technology-focused precision manufacturer, Jack understands that technology is only useful when it helps your people perform better without the “big brother” factor. Rolar is using Datanomix not only to deliver better insights in real-time but also to foster communication and a culture of innovation.

“With Datanomix, the entire company is focused on fixing the things that don’t go as well as planned. So it’s a motivator for the entire company—we know exactly how we are doing and where we can improve. Our effort creates a higher score.” 

—Jack Russell, Owner, Rolar Products

Key Highlights

00:18: Why Jack thinks more data is a tool for employees, not a whipping post.

01:05: How the data brings real issues to light and puts everyone on the same page.

02:00: Shared insights help first parts come off the machine much faster within a week.

02:30: Better communication with employees helps you make more money.

04:04: Why more information helps you fix issues instead of pointing fingers.

05:31: A big advantage of Datanomix for Rolar is it works straight out of the box.

07:16: How data is empowering people to create a culture of innovation.

About Jack Russell:
Jack Russell is an experienced manufacturing leader with a demonstrated history of working in all aspects of precision manufacturing, including successful stints on both the technical and business sides of the industry. Over the past few decades, Jack has developed advanced skills  in Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing, ISO 14001, DMAIC, Computer Numerical Control (CNC), and Value Stream Mapping. Throughout his career, Jack has been deeply involved in business development, and is a proud graduate of Muskegon Community College. Jack is also involved in community activities, and has served as the Chair of the Greater Ottawa County United Way.

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