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PODCAST: What the Movie Cars 3 Has in Common with the Challenges Facing Manufacturers

In episode 47 of The Gunn Show podcast, Co-Founders of Datanomix, John Joseph and Greg McHale join Tony to discuss production intelligence for industrial manufactures…and why the Disney movie “Cars 3” demonstrates the best analogy for why manufacturers need more data and automation.

“In thinking about monitoring as a topic, we talk to tons of prospects and have a good feel for the psychology of different owners and leadership teams for how they think about data. At the end of the day if your definition of monitoring is knowing whether your machines are on or off, green or red, it behooves you to get an update on what monitoring is today. Because it’s come an awful long way from that.”

– Greg McHale, CTO and co-founder, Datanomix

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

  1. Listen to the origin stories from John and Greg and how they came to innovate the Datanomix next-gen production monitoring solution.
  2. Hear why Disney’s Cars 3 helps explain why some manufacturers are hesitant to embrace change and why they need to.
  3. Learn why data collection takes up so much time and how Automated Production Intelligence™ pays for itself in a matter of weeks.
  4. Listen to why next-gen production monitoring is helping Datanomix customers save time and drive new revenue. 

To listen to the podcast, check out episode 47 of The Gunn Show presented by MTDNC Around the World

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