Elos MedTech Charts Success with Datanomix

Automating data collection and analysis improves operations and exposes trends.

Elos Medtech is a leading development and production partner for medical devices and components, focusing on dental and orthopedic implants and instruments. The company operates from facilities in Sweden, Denmark, China, and the United States, serving as a contract manufacturer for several international medical technology companies.

Tim Martin, engineering manager at the Elos facility in Memphis, Tennessee, has a wide range of responsibilities, including machine uptime, ensuring the engineers are focused on continuous improvement, and ultimately, working on making processes better and faster to increase the profitability of the factory. A significant focus for Tim is to oversee innovation at Elos Memphis, adding new machines and technology with an emphasis on automation and efficiency.

The Elos facility in Memphis has many technologically advanced equipment, including a host of CNC Swiss lathes and CNC grinding machines. Tim is a firm believer in analytics to help understand and improve operations, and he was looking for a way to collect data automatically for monitoring machine performance. At the time, all the data was collected by hand, and according to Tim, “We relied on our operators to give us their numbers, and it wasn’t always completely accurate. We always want to be as accurate as possible.”

“We relied on our operators to give us their numbers, which wasn’t always accurate. We always want to be as accurate as possible.”

—Tim Martin, engineering manager, Elos MedTech


■ Elos Medtech has verified the accuracy of the Datanomix production data by hand—Elos trusts the insights delivered by the platform

■ The benefits of TV Mode extend beyond the production floor—customers and the board of directors are impressed with the operations data

■ True machine utilization data from Datanomix is helping Elos Medtech with capacity planning for the machines in the Datanomix cell

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