VIDEO: Datanomix Fan, Mike Jones from Rolar Products, Keep Tabs On All of His Jobs Wherever He Is

Learn about the benefits of Datanomix Production Monitoring on the go.

Rolar Products in Muskegon, Michigan, has been experiencing tremendous growth, recently moving into a new factory that triples the amount of floor space available. In this video interview, Tony Gunn of MTDCNC talks to Mike Jones, who heads up the Swiss line at Rolar. Since joining Rolar in July of 2020, Mike has seen the Swiss line grow from one machine with just two jobs to four machines working continuously, churning out parts and profits.

Mike is a big Datanomix fan because it allows him to keep tabs on all of his jobs wherever he is. As Mike says, “gotta make money,” and Datanomix is giving him the information needed to ensure that all of his jobs are on track, and if not, he can reach out before too much time has passed. 

“I can see it on my phone or check it on my computer, so at any time, I can see what our machines are doing.”

—Mike Jones, Swiss Line Lead, Rolar Products

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