Flexxbotics Announces their Strategic Partnership with Datanomix

Flexxbotics Partners with Datanomix to Provide CNC Robots Real-Time Production Monitoring and Process Control Solutions

  • Are you a discrete manufacturer having difficulty understanding how your capital equipment is performing?
  • Do you have inefficiencies in your CNC operations caused by labor shortages and program transportation wastes?
  • Do you have quality issues building products due to process control?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are going to want to hear about our new partnership with Flexxbotics! Together we’re providing manufacturers with real-time production monitoring and process control solutions for their cobots!

Flexxbotics, a provider of manufacturing and productivity automation solutions, has announced a new partnership with Datanomix, maker of the industry’s only Automated Production Intelligence™ platform, to provide discrete manufacturers real-time cobot and CNC machine production monitoring, cobot and CNC program management capabilities, and guided operator workflows.

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