VIDEO: Datanomix LIVE from IMTS 2022 with Rolar Products, Hill Manufacturing and MTDCNC

Datanomix, Rolar Products Inc., and Hill Manufacturing discuss how Automated Production Intelligence™ is helping to transform CNC manufacturing, increase productivity, improve employee communication, and gain profits.

We had such a great time with Tony GunnMike Payne, and Jack Russell during our live-stream interview with MTDCNC at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago.

Our Founder, Greg McHale, starts the interviews with an overview of real-time Automated Production Intelligence™ and why other production monitoring solutions let you down. With Datanomix, your team can be proactive on the shop floor today and not tomorrow.

Mike Payne, President and Owner of Hill Manufacturing, shares why he chose Datanomix to make better business decisions and even demos the factory data and capability performance on the monitor next to him!

President and Owner of Rolar Products, Jack Russell, emphasizes the importance of employee retention. He’s more than doubled his staff in seven years, and he’s a big believer that data and growth go hand in hand (we totally agree). Our out-of-the-box reporting shows you where to spend your time, and Jack shares why he is a fan of the daily Coffee Cup Report!

And lastly, Datanomix CEO, John Joseph shares what the future holds for the company and why we partner with best-in-bread technology companies like Caron Engineering, Inc.Flexxbotics, and ProShop ERP.

Check out the video below and learn why you can expect more from Datanomix!

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With IMTS being the grandest stage of any show we’ve been to, we had wondered how well our messaging would cut through the noise… Boy, were we surprised!

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