VIDEO: Automated Job Costing™

VIDEO: Automated Job Costing™

Knowing how much it really costs to produce parts is the holy grail for precision manufacturers when it comes to job costing and quoting!

Automated Job Costing™ analytics compare ProShop target cycle times to actual process performance in the Datanomix Automated Production Intelligence™ Platform so you are armed with a full list of which jobs you should focus on to find more margin. It’s as easy as configuring your ProShop credentials, and letting Datanomix do the rest!

“We love the real-time operations data with no operator input and the integration between the two companies. I can see right in Datanomix if I’m running profitable jobs, and I have the feedback in ProShop when I go to quote the same job again or if I’m working on a similar part. This puts me in the driver’s seat in controlling my job performance and profitability.

— Mike Payne, President of Hill Manufacturing

Datanomix + ProShop ERP

Every shop owner wants to know which jobs are winning and losing, and which jobs could be improved to make more profit. Learn more about why we developed an integration with ProShop ERP.

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