Datanomix Lands $12M

New Growth Capital To Fuel Our Customers, Partners and Platform

As we go into the next phase of growth for the company, our mission continues to be delivering Production Intelligence for the Next Generation™.

We are humbled to share another momentous milestone for Datanomix today as we announced the completion of a $12M round of funding for our company, led by MK Capital and Joint Effects, with additional investments from a multitude of excellent people already behind the company. 

We’re also honored to welcome Mark Koulogeorge of MK Capital to our Board of Directors. Mark’s investment thesis is aligned with our mission and he brings an expansive network of knowledge and experience that will fuel and accelerate our company’s future growth. 

This funding is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees, our partners and the tremendous support of our customers, both near and far. The collaboration across these vast groups of people is palpable and fascinating to watch. A huge debt of gratitude to our existing investors, and in particular, Board member Bob Davoli of Gutbrain Ventures, for his unwavering support and guidance since leading our last funding round two years ago.

Six years ago, we saw an industry ripe for reinvention. The model behind Production Monitoring had not changed in well over a decade, where various repackagings of utilization and reason codes have been the soup du jour. We thought holistically and inclusively about the solution to production management as we brought our software to market. Today Datanomix is sought out as the industry thought leader in bringing real-time insights in a visually compelling way to manufacturing personnel, at both the operational and executive levels. The No Operator Input™ approach to production monitoring has made its way from large TV displays in the factory, to our native mobile app on smartphones and tablets, to the backdrop of key meetings in the executive suite, because it is packed with insights for every constituent and has become the pulse for the business.

As we go into the next phase of growth for the company, our mission continues to be delivering Production Intelligence for the Next Generation™. Who is the Next Generation? Very simply, it is any owner, leader, or worker in a manufacturing facility who knows they need digital leverage to run their business like it’s 2023 and beyond. Today, our data derived standards are the foundation for how production is measured and managed. Tomorrow, our insights and workflows will help you conquer more efficiency and opportunity around the manufacturing process, such as tooling, quality, and scheduling. Our customers are our greatest source of inspiration for our vision, and we are honored to work closely with all of you as we deliver more features, partnerships, and methodologies that help harvest the future we all know is there for the Next Generation. 

Our customer portfolio is second to none, and we truly appreciate the support we have received, and the referrals to others as we plant company flags in regions across North America. Our customers proudly display our company banner in their factories and attach “Datanomix Connected” magnets to their machines, signifying the fact that they are part of a bigger manufacturing movement in data automation technology. They will continue to enjoy these benefits and many more as we deliver bigger outcomes forged through a data and insight partnership built on trust.    

We extend a sincere thank you to everyone who is on this journey with us. We are inspired by a clear sense of purpose for the company, the product, our partners and our customers, and stand ready, willing and able to continue to deliver Production Intelligence for the Next Generation™.

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