Ricaurte Precision

VIDEO: Know What’s Going On With Your Machines

Ricaurte Precision in Santa Ana, California, uses Datanomix to achieve over 97% uptime on their automated machines, which keeps their aerospace, medical, and defense customers very happy.

Tony Gunn from MTDCNC interviews Production Manager Randal Leach from Ricaurte Precision on strategic investments in automation and technology, including Datanomix Real-Time Production Monitoring and ProShop ERP. Randall explained that they installed Datanomix because they “truly wanted to know what’s going on with the machine.” Now, they have 97%+ uptime on their palletized machines. The results were so exciting that they decided to expand to other machines at their facility.  

“We brought in Datanomix because we truly wanted to understand what was happening on the machines.”

— Randal Leach, Operations Manager, Ricaurte Precision Inc.

Datanomix + ProShop ERP

Our Automated Job Costing™ analytics compare ProShop ERP target takt times (or button-to-button cycle time) for part production to Datanomix part performance actuals and benchmarks at the machine—offering complete clarity on gross margin performance on a per part basis relative to machining operations while also highlighting where the greatest opportunities for margin improvement exist.

Datanomix + ProShop ERP

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